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True to his word, Branson has come to Crawley House, wherein the brooding master is saying that he won't be able to do what Mary wants should the money come to him. Branson is like, I don't care much about any of that, but take it from someone who knows a thing or two about love conquering practical considerations: you two are meant to be together and your soap-opera obstacles are getting tiresome for everyone, so man up and go through with it. "Because I'll tell you this -- you won't be happy with anyone else while Lady Mary walks the earth." Rather clever of Branson to use Matthew's betrayal of Lavinia for his own purposes here, don't you think? Given his new profession, I'm glad to hear he has a way with words and Matthew smiles with a new respect for his own choice of best man.

Mary's sitting on her bed when there's a knock at the door; this probably isn't completely unexpected, so Anna and Mary exchange a look before the former opens up to find Matthew, with Branson in tow. Anna throws Mary a "yup, it's him" look, so she stands and tells him to go away, as she's undressed. He begs her just to come to the door, and Branson chimes in his support, so Mary approaches, but not without saying the superstition part is irrelevant if they're not getting married. Matthew assuredly tells her they are, so Mary nods to Anna, who departs along with Branson. On opposite sides of the open door, Matthew assuredly tells "my darling" that they shouldn't be quarreling about something that hasn't even happened yet and probably never will (not sure about that second part, but okay), and Mary admits that Anna gave her the same counsel. He tells her he's sure they'll fight about any number of things, but Mary wonders if that isn't a sign -- she's not angry now, but she's had some time to reflect and maybe a disagreement about something so "fundamental" is a sign they should part ways, no hard feelings. Matthew, however, is stuck on what "Tom" said. He knows he won't be happy with anyone else and he thinks she feels the same about him. Even if that's true, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be happy together, but whatever -- I'm not going to split that hair when there's an epic kiss coming. Speaking of which, Matthew asks if he can kiss her, "because I need to, very much," and I'm not going to insult this show by comparing it to Twilight in quality, but I'd imagine there's some crossover with the fans of this scene. Mary smiles and says it's bad luck, which of course means that the wedding's back on; Matthew doesn't point this out, but he suggests that they both close their eyes. Mary agrees -- like she could resist that -- and as the strings on the soundtrack swell, they shut their eyes and he appears around the corner; she reaches for him, slides her hand up to his face, and kisses him... and then totally opens her eyes to make sure he didn't cheat. Hee, that's my girl. It's not bad luck for her. They both smile and then he bids her goodnight and withdraws, leaving her to smile in the knowledge that she'll be able to come down to breakfast with good news tomorrow.

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