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...and inside, Mrs. Hughes checks with Mrs. Patmore that she and Daisy have everything they need. The answer is yes, and when Mrs. Hughes is gone, Daisy laments the fact that they can't go. I give her a lot of shit that I think is mostly deserved, but I'd be pretty morose about that one too. Mrs. Patmore, however, cheers her up by saying that they can go see Mary off...

...while upstairs, Lady Cora and her two younger daughters head out as Lord Grantham and Carson wait at the foot of the stairs for Mary. Anna's voice calls out to announce her and then Mary descends, in a lovely belted white dress that accentuates her slim figure, with see-through white sleeves and a long veil/train to match. It's a competition between her father and father figure as to who looks the more proud, and Mary's first words are for the latter: "Will I do, Carson?" Carson says that she will, very nicely, and then Mary descends the rest of the way as Lord Grantham thanks heaven that she and Matthew settled everything. Mary smiles that Matthew won't get off quite that easily, but she's happy and asks if he is too. Lord Grantham: "I'm so happy; so very happy I feel my chest will explode." He kisses his favorite daughter -- Sybil's close, but let's face facts -- and, after she takes his arm, they proceed out. Again: Awwww.

In the church, Edith greets Sir Anthony and -- over his protests -- has him come sit behind the family. Matthew and Branson arrive next and Matthew stops to thank Molesley for "keeping Mr. Branson up to the mark." O'Brien just so happens to take this in as Branson concurs and, when they've walked on, Molesley gives O'Brien a smile that is most definitely not returned. Heh. In a pew, Carson and Mrs. Hughes have Part 569245 of their ongoing disagreement about Mary, with Carson declaring it a proud day and Mrs. Hughes demurring, but expressing joy that he's happy. Lady Cora assures Edith that she'll be next, while the Dowager Countess smiles that it's so exciting to see the future unfurl. Martha, her dark fur traded for white, "As long as you remember it will bear no resemblance to the past." I think we just got an answer to how Martha can rain on everyone's parade.

Outside, Mary gives the biggest, most genuine smile as the onlookers cheer and wave flags for the march of her carriage. It's not put on, either -- these people love the Crawleys. As the carriage comes to a stop, a large crowd gathers at a respectable distance and Lord Grantham helps Mary out, with Thomas holding the door. Inside, Branson and Matthew exchange a look upon hearing the noise and get to their feet. Momentarily, Lord Grantham is walking his eldest daughter down the aisle. When they're standing together, Matthew dryly notes that she came, adding that he wasn't sure she would. Mary: "I'm glad to hear it. I should hate to be predictable." As should everyone else hate for you to become. Matthew smiles and the rest is history.

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