Downton Abbey
Season 4 – Episode One

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Choose Life (How Mary Got Her Groove Back)

Sam tells her he had to make sure she was all right after the unpleasantness in York, and she smiles that the way he punched "that horrid man" was so brave. Sam: "I'll do more'n that for ya." Oh my. Rose continues to be all hot and bothered as Sam takes her hand and asks if he can see her again even though "I know I'm not good enough for ya" (…um) but he's a steady chap, and as doomed as this would be I'm kind of surprised that Rose kiboshes it right here by telling him she's promised to another man, a local farmer. He's disappointed but understanding and turns to go, but she calls him back and tells him that when he finds someone, who'll be nicer and better than she, the girl will be very lucky. Duh. She then plants a chaste kiss on him, which she breaks once she hears someone behind her -- it's Jimmy James come for a cigarette, and as she rushes back into the house she whispers, "Say nothing and I'll be your friend forever." It only makes sense, given her age and wild side, that Rose get more involved with the downstairs crowd than the up, so I have a feeling this isn't going to prove to be an idle promise.

Upstairs, Edith arrives home, having been delayed on the train, and Rose enters the sitting room right after her, whereupon Lord Grantham announces that the legal opinions are in, and the conclusion is that Matthew's letter demonstrates "testamentary intention" and is as such a valid substitute for a will. Mary takes a quivering breath as she hears the official news that she owns half of Downton, and then after everyone starts to file into the dining room, she suggests to her father and Branson that the three of them sit down the next day and have a proper talk. Lord Grantham agrees but says their main topic of conversation, the death duties, is simple, but Mary demurs that she doesn't agree with his course of action. She then heads in to dinner, leaving Lord Grantham free to turn to Branson and be like "why I oughta" about it, but Branson says he didn't put Mary up to it -- but neither will Lord Grantham keep her quiet. I think I speak for everyone here: THANK GOD.

Downstairs, Anna and Bates are at a loss until they run across Thomas and Edna having the most wonderful little laugh together; Carson then enters and whisks Thomas away to help him serve the wine, leaving Edna to keep chuckling to herself until Bates, in a challenging voice, asks what's so funny. She tells him nothing, but her smile doesn't fade and Bates and Anna both are like, grrreat, another enemy. I'm not sure I'd worry too much about it, you two; if there's anything this woman seems to do consistently, it's overplay her hand.

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