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Season 4 – Episode One

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Choose Life (How Mary Got Her Groove Back)

Party time! Gregson takes Edith, who as I mentioned is dressing less Downton and more Rose these days, aside and asks if she's given any thought to their earlier discussion. Edith asks if he means the idea of them "living in sin," but he pshaws that and asks if she wants to be with him, and she assures him she does. They hesitantly go for a kiss, but a cater waiter interrupts to tell Gregson they're running low on gin, so he goes off to fetch more, but not before he gives Edith another fond look across the room. Here's a phrase for free you'll want to know, Gregson: Ich liebe dich.

At the Post Office, Rose collects some responses to her ad and looks pleased, while around the corner, the Dowager Countess's car pulls up chez Molesley and Molesley the Elder comes out to greet her as quickly as possible, which is not to say quickly. She informs the father that he should tell his son that "Lady Shackleton" is joining her for lunch, and she'd like him to come and assist. Molesley the Elder asks about "Spratt," the Dowager Countess's butler, but the Dowager Countess tells him that while Spratt will be there, Molesley can still "play an active part." You see, Lady Shackleton's butler is retiring, and she hasn't yet decided if she's going to replace him or resort to eating off trays, so it's Molesley's chance to shine, basically. Molesley the Elder asks if Spratt won't mind, but the Dowager Countess replies that it's not his business to mind. That may be, my dear Dowager Countess, but of all people on this show I didn't think I'd have to tell you how little the folks of Downton mind their own business.

To wit, Carson berates Mrs. Hughes for her intrusion into his personal life, and Mrs. Hughes is awesomely unapologetic as she explains that she could see the letter upset him and she wanted to know why. They bark at each other for a bit until Mrs. Hughes bites out that Grigg is in "the workhouse, and in case you're wondering, it's as bad as if we were reading about it in a novel by Dickens!" Carson's anger abates somewhat, but not entirely, as he snits that at least Grigg is at least "in the dry," but Mrs. Hughes is like, that doesn't change the fact that he's breathing twenty-six kinds of mold that I could identify offhand, and don't you want to help your old singing and dancing bro? Guess what: Carson doesn't!

As I mentioned in the recaplet, an eggbeater has arrived at Downton, compliments of Cora via Edith and her trip to London. Although Mrs. Patmore doesn't see the need for it, since Ivy and Daisy are the actual designated egg-beaters and cream-whippers of the kitchen, they're all in favor. Mrs. Patmore cautions them that such modern advances could mean the end of their jobs, but Daisy insists on trying it, so Mrs. Patmore is like, on your own head be it. By which I mean she says the words "On your own head be it." Jimmy James then appears and asks Ivy if she liked her card, and I just cannot with this go-nowhere love rectangle anymore so until something changes I'm shorthanding them: Ivy and Daisy each get their hopes up that Jimmy James/Alfred respectively like them, and Mrs. Patmore looks like she wants to shoot them both for stupidity. Next!

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