Downton Abbey
Season 4 – Episode One

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Choose Life (How Mary Got Her Groove Back)

On the ground floor, Nanny West calls to "Thomas" and starts to give him instructions to give to Mrs. Patmore, and Thomas is like, look, the stairs below are right here! She asks him to please do it, as the kids are on their own, and I know they need something to come back to bite her, but even with O'Brien up and leaving how is a communication system around the kids' meals not firmly in place? Thomas is Lord Grantham's valet; isn't this a job for the footmen?

In the sitting room, Edith wonders why she bothered running all over London placing ads if Rose was going to sort everything out, but no one pays her griping any mind and Rose announces that one of the three applicants is promising, so they'll see her in Ripon on Friday, since she's looking after her aunt and can't make it to Downton. Elsewhere, Branson tells Mary to snap out of it and take an interest in something already, and when Mary says she's interested in her son, Branson asks if she is, really. Mary: "I will be." Heh. Mary at least asks what he's been up to, but Branson can't get half a sentence out before Lord Grantham the conversation police is like, Tom, don't bore her with THINGS! Branson holds his tongue, but it looks like it's taking supreme physical effort.

Downstairs, we learn what we already knew, which is that Jimmy James sent no card to Ivy, but new information is that he did send one to a female former employer of his who he hears is returning from France. Thomas asks if that wasn't a bit forward, but Jimmy James smirks that he doesn't think she'll mind. He is total noble-cougar bait, isn't he?

Mrs. Hughes has apparently gone to Isobel about Grigg, and Isobel tells her she's not sure it's any of her business. Mrs. Hughes replies she never thought she'd hear her say that, and Isobel isn't so bereaved that she doesn't flinch at that one. Hee. Mrs. Hughes sucks it up and asks if she could bring Grigg to Crawley House -- if they'd vouch for him to the authorities, they could extract him from the workhouse. When Isobel hears that the Abbey isn't an option due to the fact that Carson has shut himself of Grigg (and I'm not sure if anyone outside Bates, Anna and Lord Grantham know what went down with Grigg and Carson the last time the former was at Downton), she asks if Mrs. Hughes wants to risk his wrath and adds that in her present state she's not sure she'll be much good to anyone, but Mrs. Hughes won't hear any more self-pity and tells Isobel to channel her strength toward the good of another. A bit forward, perhaps, but I think TV dictates that cancer (scare) survivors are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want.

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