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Oy, Again With The Birth and the Death?

Upstairs, Matthew tells Mary about his invitation to Gregson and Mary chuckles that Gregson is getting some use out of the tails, as Susan's invited him to the ball. "He probably had reeling classes before he left London." Heh. Matthew good-humoredly chides her not to hate a man before she knows him. "It's the hallmark of our parents' generation and I forbid it." I can't see Isobel really doing that, but I suppose Lord Grantham has pre-disliked enough people for both of them. Matthew then puts a hand on his wife's stomach and suggests she let her niceness shine through, prompting Mary to reply that Matthew thinks she's nice, but nobody else does. "What makes you so sure I am?" He says it's because he's seen her naked and held her in his arms and as such, he knows the real her. She smiles at the testimonial and they kiss, while in Mary's uterus, someone's first thought is "No, YOU'RE schmoopy!"

Mrs. Hughes is after Carson again about the fair and apparently he's given everyone permission to go, but Mrs. Hughes wants Carson to say he'll attend as well. Carson, however, after checking for eavesdroppers -- everyone else around here could take notes -- tells Mrs. Hughes that if he goes, none of the staff will have a good time. Mrs. Hughes tells him she's going whether it interferes with anyone's good time or not, but Carson thinks it's different with him -- he's their leader. "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." Mrs. Hughes manages to keep a straight face, but I think Mrs. Patmore's going to have heard about this one before I'm finished typing this sentence.

At Duneagle, there are two parties heading out -- Matthew and Gregson are going stalking in one group, while Shrimpie and Lord Grantham will be in another. After some words about the ladies' luncheon that only give Susan her morning opportunity to demonstrate her contempt for her husband, the men head out...

...while at Downton, Daisy wonders if she should afford the expense of the fair, leading to a discussion that ends with Jimmy James saying, "I can always get money." I don't know if Thomas is still holding out hope, but lines like that aren't going to discourage him. Mrs. Hughes then enters and Mrs. Patmore grabs a box and hustles her into a secluded area, whereupon Ivy tells Daisy, Thomas and Alfred that whatever's in it is from some dress shop in Ripon, and she guesses Mrs. Patmore has a "fancy man." Alfred's surprised, but Daisy says why not -- she's a woman, isn't she? Thomas: "Only technically." Thomas, RUDE! And you were doing so well!

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