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Oy, Again With The Birth and the Death?

Cut to Susan rather patronizingly telling O'Brien that Wilkins just isn't getting how to make her hairstyle look like Cora's and she then brushes aside Wilkins' attempts to protest that she does understand by curtly asking O'Brien if she could help. After a pause, O'Brien explains what she sees as the issue and although she's doing her best to navigate an awkward situation, Wilkins gives her a side-eye that would be appropriate for Benedict Arnold... or possibly Delilah. Since we're in the realm of hair, the latter is probably the reference to go with. Susan sharply tells Wilkins to pay close attention to what O'Brien is doing, whereupon Wilkins once again tries to decapitate O'Brien with her lower lip.

Shrimpie has apparently mentioned Bombay and Lord Grantham offers that that would be a fairly modest assignment for a marquess, but the Dowager Countess demurs, saying it could be a step toward the Viceroy's crown. Shrimpie says that if he knows anything, it's that it's going to be hot and the Dowager Countess adds that "all the costumes of Imperial rule are always so peculiarly unsuited to the climate." Heh. The Dowager Countess then asks if they'll take Rose, and Shrimpie tells her he doesn't think they should, but Susan won't discuss the matter. The Dowager Countess: "Unless you want her marriage to a third-rate colonial official with no money and bad teeth, Susan had better think again." To paraphrase Woody Boyd, I can't speak for Susan or Rose, but I could do without that.

Matthew is telling a "the one that got away" story and after Mary's like, yaaaaaaawn, Edith asks Matthew what he thought of Gregson. When Matthew tells her he's a nice chap, she smiles that he's had such a lot to put up with, to which Mary asks if he's another one of Edith's "hard-luck cases." Edith's face falls like Susan's hair under Wilkins' care as she asks why Mary must be so heartless. It's true it wasn't the kindest thing to say, but then again, everyone thought that Patrick storyline was moronic.

Rose is telling Cora that actually, she thinks India would be fascinating -- it's just that it won't do her any good if she and her mother kill each other. Cora gives her some platitudes that we at least know are rooted in something real, but the point is that Susan's ears are as sharp as the rest of her as she asks what they're talking about. Cora, however, is as usual much better at coming up with a lie on the fly than you'd think and she tells her that Rose was just saying how nice her hair looks tonight. Susan looks torn between suspicion of her daughter and hope that her hair does indeed look amazing, while Rose smiles in relief. Maybe Cora's the one who should look into teaching diplomacy.

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