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Oy, Again With The Birth and the Death?

Elsewhere, Isobel is telling Dr. Clarkson that the fair is great fun and after she suggests they sit for a bit, he offers to get her some punch first, as he'd like to ask her something. Meanwhile, Tufton is similarly bringing Mrs. Patmore a drink and it seems like, despite conducting himself with less restraint than a horny teenager, he is kind of interested in this whole marriage thing -- but it seems equally clear that he's only after her for her cooking abilities. Mrs. Patmore doesn't seem overly thrilled even at the former prospect and then notes that Jimmy James has moved from stumbling to staggering. He wanders off...

...and down a path that leads him to an underpass, where two of the toughs from the tug-of-war grab him, presumably with the intent of relieving him of whatever winnings are still in his possession. Thomas appears, though, and tells them to let him go before charging them; in the ensuing struggle, Jimmy James gets free and Thomas yells at him to run before one of the guys starts beating the crap out of him while the other holds him. Jimmy James, in little enough shape to help, takes Thomas' advice...

...while Dr. Clarkson downs a bit of liquid courage before rejoining Isobel. She asks him what he wanted to talk to her about, wondering if he's thinking of asking her back to the hospital, but that's not it -- has she ever thought of marrying again? Whether she had prepared for this contingency or not, she deftly manages to reject him as gently as possible, saying that if he's thinking of getting married, "you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din." Heh. She goes on that "with good friends like you" (ouch, but it had to be said), she likes her life as it is and she wouldn't want to risk that. Dr. Clarkson does not seem let down as easy as she probably hoped, but thankfully, Jimmy James managed not to pass out on the way back up, and he rushes over and tells Dr. Clarkson he's got to come immediately. The two non-lovebirds get up...

...while back at Duneagle, Rose models a backless dress, which Susan, in front of Shrimpie and the Dowager Countess, quickly informs her she won't be wearing. Rose begs her father to stick up for her and adds that Princess Mary has a dress just like it, but Susan says she looks like a "slut" (the Dowager Countess notes that's not a word you hear every day up there) and asks the Dowager Countess to take her side. The Dowager Countess, however, confesses that she participated in several fashion atrocities in her day, so she's hardly in a position to criticize. Then Shrimpie ends this part of the discussion by ordering Rose to take the Dowager Countess through to the ballroom. The Dowager Countess relays stories of her first Gillies' Ball (in 1860, don't you know) as Susan tells Shrimpie not to blame her if Rose is the object of ridicule. Shrimpie: "I won't, whatever else I might blame you for." Shrimpie's all grown up, yo. He bellows at her to stop making everyone else so unhappy all the time, which is of course Lord Grantham's cue to stop on the stairs all Un!Comfortable! He walks past and Shrimpie goes with him, leaving Susan to draw a ragged, sad breath...

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