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Oy, Again With The Birth and the Death?

...while, speaking of leaving, Lord Grantham reports to Cora that there aren't any trains until the next morning. Cora, of course, wishes she were already home, but she's surprised to learn that Lord Grantham can't wait to get out of there either. Lord Grantham tells her he was a fool to be jealous of Shrimpie and that "Downton will survive because of Matthew's vision." Cora's delighted to hear him say that, and gets more so as he tells her she always saw the truth, and of all the things he's thankful for -- Matthew, Downton, his family -- he's most grateful for her. Aw. They kiss lovingly...

...and then it's the next morning, and Shrimpie and Susan are thanking Cora for taking in Rose, saying they'll make firm plans once they have a departure date. Meanwhile, in the background, Rose and Susan seem to share the most conciliatory moment we've seen, Shrimpie walks Cora to the carriage and tells her she wants Rose to see that family can be loving, adding that love is like riding or speaking French. "If you don't get the hang of it young, it's hard to learn it later." In addition to love, I'm sensing Shrimpie didn't learn a light touch with comparisons in his youth. Elsewhere, Edith asks Matthew what he said to Gregson and he tells her it was nothing, but she must know what has to happen. Edith: "Oh yes. We both know what happens next." Heh. Rose gives final thanks to Lord Grantham and the Downton crew departs.

At Downton, Anna tells Carson she's headed back to the hospital, as she's got what Mary needs and Carson of course is a nervous mother hen given that it's Mary, but he asks about the others coming back from Scotland and Anna tells him to have Matthew's car brought to the station so he can drive himself to the hospital, which seems like a fairly boring directive for something that's probably going to keep a lot of people up at night.

Mary's sitting up in bed in a hospital room, while outside it, Dr. Clarkson asks Isobel to help prepare her before thanking her for stopping him from making too big a fool of himself at the fair, as he'd had a lot to drink. Isobel plays the whole thing off before going in to take Mary's hand and Mary says she feels like she's only half herself without Matthew, and it's not like what's coming isn't a HUGE deal, but the show is still laying it on kind of thick. Isobel says he's on his way and besides, "you won't want him in the room until it's all over." Heh. After what looks like a fairly strong contraction, Mary says they have to ring Carson before berating herself for going up north, but Isobel tells her the baby will be fine -- slightly early, but nothing they can't handle. Dr. Clarkson then reappears, indicating it's time...

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