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Oy, Again With The Birth and the Death?

...while back at Downton, some fairly piggish-looking man puts down a box of something and then enters the servants' area and says he's got a delivery for Mrs. Patmore. Thomas is immediately suspicious as the guy isn't one of their regulars, but he explains that he bought a shop from one of them and then Mrs. Patmore appears, whereupon Thomas asks how the guy knows Mrs. Patmore wants to do business with him. It's nice to see his nasty streak used in service of protectiveness, at least. Mrs. Patmore, however, says she can handle the guy and gets his name as "Tufton" before inspecting his wares. While she does, he tastes some leftover vichyssoise (nice to stick your grubby fingers in there, guy) and proclaims it "heaven," and when he asks if there's anything else lying around, she replies, "Have a bit of the tart if you like." As we'll see, he doesn't need to be asked twice on any level. He keeps crudely flattering her, much to the amusement of Daisy and Ivy (speaking of people who seem to have buried the hatchet). Mrs. Patmore tells Tufton that she'll accept the order, but if anything's amiss with it, he'll be hearing from her. This prompts him to hope that there's something not quite right about it... because he'd like to hear from her again. She gets endearingly flustered for a moment before calling him a cheeky devil and telling him to be off...

...while back at Duneagle, we're in with the servants and the butler (who looks like he's tended this place since the Dowager Countess was a debutante) asks Anna if she's not hungry. Anna explains that it's a bit early for her and Lady Flintshire's maid, who we'll learn is called "Wilkins," pipes up that in London, they similarly wouldn't eat until the day's work was finished. The butler asks after "Miss Grantham's" preference -- as in Gosford Park, they apparently address each other by their masters' names while they're below stairs -- and O'Brien agreeably replies that she does as she's told. Anna admits she finds it funny to hear Bates and O'Brien addressed as "Mr. and Miss Grantham," which doesn't exactly crack anyone else up, and when the butler asks how they get on at home with both of them being called "Bates," Anna admits that she's still addressed by her given name, which O'Brien claims isn't right. "I do so hate to see a lady's maid downgraded." Wilkins agrees and says what a treat it is to have a "kindred spirit" visiting. And I guess if she considers O'Brien a kindred spirit, it's no surprise that she'll turn out to be a nasty piece of work. The butler stands and announces that he's going to arrange dinner and when he's gone, Bates and Anna exchange a smile...

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