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Oh, it's time to meet young Rose, who's certainly a pretty enough thing, with curly red hair and a winsome smile. She and the Dowager Countess have come to visit Isobel; after a little small talk that gives a hint of Rose's lightly rebellious attitude toward her mother, the Dowager Countess says she has something for Isobel, but she's interrupted by Ethel bringing in the tea. Isobel, sensing how the Dowager Countess clams up, tells Ethel she'll pour the tea herself, so Ethel heads back out, whereupon the Dowager Countess pulls out some letters from her purse and tells Isobel they're the first responses to the ad. Isobel takes them without enthusiasm before passive-aggressively explaining to Rose what's going on, but when she tells her that the Dowager Countess has never let convenience stand in the way of a principle, the Dowager Countess replies, "As the kettle said to the pot." Hee. Isobel glares back at her and Rose unsurprisingly looks like she is in fact finding this better than London.

Carson has apparently broken the news to Thomas and Thomas looks sweaty and wild-eyed as he says he'll never get another job without a reference. He threatens to tell Lord Grantham, but Carson wearily asks how he can do that without explaining the whole story and looks sadly sympathetic as Thomas twitches in emotional agony. He's not too out of his mind, though, to guess that someone's put Jimmy James up to this and Carson proclaims himself "almost touched" that Thomas would defend him given what he's doing, but it doesn't change anything. Thomas desperately asks if he can stay a day or two to figure out his next move and whether Carson knows about Lord Grantham's decree about the cricket match or not, he agrees -- "but that's the best I can do." Thomas thanks him...

...while Bates and Anna look almost as unhappy as the two in the last scene as they take in the state of the cottage they're apparently to live in. Presumably comparing it to his prison cell, Bates remarks that at least it doesn't smell damp, but Anna brave-little-toasters that she thinks it'll be nice once they fix it up. Bates gets turned on by her "extreme optimism" -- that explains a lot about this relationship -- whereupon he kisses her and they collapse onto the couch, which then collapses. The good news about the prison plotline is that they'll laugh about anything now, I guess.

It's dinnertime at Downton and when Edith lets everyone know she's going to London later in the week, Rose excitedly asks if she can come. The Dowager Countess is taken aback, as she only just got there and also was supposed to hate London, but after Rose is like, oh, my silly mother, I don't hate London at all... except yes I do, but I'm planning a surprise for her, so no one tell her that I'm going to London, which I hate and love, depending on who I'm talking to? Literally all the women other than the Dowager Countess are like, this girl is capital-T trouble and none more so than Edith, who's looking at Rose like she's something she's going to be required to dissect. Perhaps to keep an eye on her, though, Edith says she can stay with her at Rosamund's (yaaaaaaay) and when Cora asks why she's going, Edith tells her it's to see the editor, somewhat apprehensively adding they're going to discuss her piece. If he's going to chat with you in person, he's doing better than most, Edith.

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