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On the dance floor, Matthew offers his terms -- he'll get Rosamund and Edith to keep their mouths shut if she'll come back with them and have nothing more to do with Margadale until she's out of their charge. Rose starts to babble about how Margadale is unhappy and his wife is a beast and whatever, but Matthew sensibly points out that "married men who wish to seduce young women always have horrid wives." Rose, silly thing that she is, thinks Margadale wants to marry her as soon as he can secure a divorce, but Matthew refuses to indulge this further and asks if she's going to accept his conditions, "or do I throw you to Lady Rosamund?" Throw her, Matthew, throw her! She asks why he's helping her, to which he dryly replies that he's on the side of the downtrodden. With that, he leads her back to the table to collect his people and when Warwick starts to ask if they'll stay for a drink, Rosamund turns back and gives him a stare that could freeze fire in an instant. Rose, before you go to bed, thank Heaven above for Matthew.

The next day at Downton, the Dowager Countess is already lamenting the tedium of parenting a child, prompting Isobel to say that she figured Robert and Rosamund's youth consisted of being "surrounded by nannies and governesses being starched and ironed to spend an hour with you after tea." The Dowager Countess replies that it was an hour every day, and you have to admire her capacity for turning every defeat into a victory. It's got to be one of the things that's kept her going all these years. Isobel nods that she sees. "How tiring." HA!

Downstairs, Carson has been catching Bates up on the financial ups and downs he missed when Jimmy James enters and asks Carson for a word. Bates moves to go, but Carson beckons him to remain, so Jimmy James closes the door and asks why Thomas is still there. Bates, his opinion of Jimmy James dropping by the second, tells him Thomas made a mistake and Jimmy James is still in one piece, so "why do you have to be such a big girl's blouse about it?" I mean, nobody asked him, but the man was just in prison. Jimmy James looks stung by this unexpected attack, but tells Carson he won't change his mind before exiting, at which point Bates asks if Carson doesn't know who's put Jimmy James up to this. From the way Carson's eyes bug out, it looks like he hadn't considered the possibility, although now that he is, I bet he'll come up with the answer on his own.

In the servants' area, Jimmy James complains how "gobby" Bates is and adds to Alfred that he was sticking up for Thomas. I'm kind of disappointed that we don't see O'Brien's reaction shot to that news, given that she's sitting right by them. Ivy asks if this is about Carson not giving Thomas a reference and adds that she doesn't think it's right, whereupon Jimmy James takes her head off and seriously, Jimmy James, you're not helping your case by publicly snarling at your number one fan, not to mention you really have no authority to tell people what they can and can't think. When he's gone, Ivy asks what happened there, but O'Brien advises her to stay out of it, whereupon Ivy looks back in Alfred's direction like he's seeming a whole lot better by comparison.

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