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The car makes a stop at the Dowager Countess' and inside, Edith wearily tells Rose that she's clearly read too many novels about "young women admired for their feistiness." Heh. Rose clearly doesn't look like she's learned a thing, but does ask Edith if she thinks everyone will keep quiet, especially Rosamund, who hated being made to keep the secret. But among the myriad things Rose doesn't know is to check carefully for eavesdroppers, as we see that the Dowager Countess is on the stairs listening in as Edith says that "Granny" will be furious if she catches wind of it. Well, she looks pretty furious already, so we have to give Edith props for the prediction.

Molesley is acting the cricket buffoon to the tepid amusement of Jimmy James and Mrs. Patmore, but the latter notices the look on Alfred's face and asks what's up. He says he's uneasy about the business with Thomas, but although she dismisses him, Daisy and Ivy ask what Thomas is going to do and Mrs. Patmore speculates that he might do well in America. Daisy wonders if that's necessary, whereupon Jimmy James, having joined them without invitation, tells her to keep her nose out of it and you'd think he'd figure out that his nasty treatment of women isn't helping him on any level. When he's gone, Ivy asks why no one will tell them what's going on and Mrs. Patmore tells her it's because they wouldn't understand, which -- given Daisy's protracted crush on Thomas back in the day -- seems fair for her to say...

...but, as it happens, someone who's a bit more seasoned in these matters is Lord Grantham, as Bates -- surely due to his outside-the-house bond with his master -- has told him the whole story. Lord Grantham wonders why Carson didn't come to him, since he's the one being undermined, but Bates reasonably points out that it's a difficult subject for him to discuss. Lord Grantham concedes that, but adds that they all knew about Thomas and I had no idea Lord Grantham was so blasé about having a gay valet. It does add to my long-held belief that true blue-bloods never care which sex is fucking which. Lord Grantham then delivers what's surely my favorite line of his to date: "If I shouted blue murder every time someone tried to kiss me at Eton, I'd have gone hoarse in a month." Like I needed more prequels to wish for. Lord Grantham sniffs at how tiresome Jimmy James is being, but Bates replies that O'Brien is leading him by the nose and the feud between O'Brien and Thomas is news to Lord Grantham. Come to think of it, it is odd given the obvious sniping between them this season, but I'll let pass. I'm sure the show is very relieved.

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