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It's cricket time, finally, and Lord Grantham tosses a coin against Dr. Clarkson, of all people. There's polite applause and Molesley acting like a cricket-playing chimp, and then the Dowager Countess tells Isobel she's glad everything's settled with Ethel and figures Isobel will be able to find another cook without too much trouble. Isobel of course still thinks the Dowager Countess only did this to eliminate the scandal: "If you had had to sell Charlie to the butcher to be chopped up as stew to achieve the same ends, you would have done so." The Dowager Countess: "Happily, it was not needed." This is more interesting than the cricket match, I'll wager.

Cricket, cricket, cricket. Matthew biffs his turn, but Thomas kicks some ass, earning him a handshake from Lord Grantham. Out of earshot of the spectators, Bates laments how his intervention has turned out and Anna asks him what it was Thomas told him to say to O'Brien. Bates says he doesn't understand it, but it was "Her Ladyship's soap." Oh. OHHH! I never knew O'Brien let that on to Thomas, but in my opinion it wouldn't have been impossible for him to connect the dots himself and it would only have added to the gut-punch if she truly thought that no one knew about it. Anna doesn't look like this means anything more to her than it does to Bates...

...while Molesley of course has no idea what he's doing, so the house misses a chance to add to its lead. Elsewhere, Rose heatedly asks Rosamund and Edith who blabbed and when she gets no response, says she's being sent to Scotland "with a monster for a jailer!" She rushes off and Edith and Rosamund look confused, but the Dowager Countess proudly sashays up and says she could hardly have expected any different if she were going to carry on with a married man as she did. Edith asks Rosamund how she could have told the Dowager Countess, but Rosamund counters that the Dowager Countess said Edith blabbed to her, so she just filled in the details. Rosamund asks her mother if she tricked her, but her mother breezily replies that she merely did what was necessary for the good of the family. Rosamund: "In other words, you tricked me." Hee. The Dowager Countess flits off...

...while Lord Grantham and Carson buttonhole Jimmy James, with the former telling him what a good show he put up out there. Probably knowing that that's an exaggeration at best, Jimmy James looks wary, as well he might, since Lord Grantham's next move is to thank him for letting Thomas stay on. Jimmy James is aghast, but Lord Grantham smoothly adds his congratulations on his appointment as first footman and it's Carson's turn to be appalled, but this does solve the problem, as Jimmy James appears mollified...

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