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...while upstairs, Jimmy James has stripped down and is getting ready for bed. We get another shot of Thomas downstairs, looking fairly wild-eyed, and then we cut to him in his room, again looking a bit like a caged animal as he rips his dress shirt off. Cut back to Ivy and Alfred, who are just coming through the gate at Downton, and Alfred tells her how much he likes being with her and that he wishes they could make it a regular thing. Ivy replies that she wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea, so Alfred flat-out tells her Jimmy James isn't interested in her, like, I'm not sure how he can authoritatively say that while failing to recognize the just-friends treatment he's getting from her and Ivy isn't sure she believes that anyway. Alfred wonders if her feelings would change if she knew for sure Jimmy James felt nothing for her and after considering for a moment, she replies, "I'd have to hear it from his lips." Not that this show normally does the call-and-response thing to link scenes, but this one is nearly worthy of Archer...

...because Thomas finally can stand it no longer, as he slips out of his room and into Jimmy James', sits on the bed and plants one on him; it's obviously done with a lot more hesitation than I described, but that's the bottom line. Fortunately or not, depending on who you are, Alfred bursts in just at this moment to discuss Ivy and Jimmy James -- who was already waking up from the kiss -- comes the rest of the way to in a hurry and he flails at Thomas to get off before telling Alfred it isn't what he thinks. Kind of hilariously given that he's standing right there, Thomas tells Jimmy James that Alfred doesn't matter and Alfred has the good sense to peace out as Jimmy James, looking ready to explode, demands to know what the hell Thomas is doing in there. Thomas -- sticking with his play despite how obviously it's failed -- tells Jimmy James that it's because of all the things he said before and what's between them, but Jimmy James -- his accent going farther north by the second -- rushes him out of there. Thomas has but a moment to collect himself before Carson appears and, in a tone so loudly indignant that Lord Grantham could take notes, demands to know what's going on. Thomas, rather smoothly under the circumstances, merely says Jimmy James had a nightmare (I'll say), so Carson slams his way back to his room. When he's gone, though, Thomas looks distraught and things get worse for him when he sees Alfred peering out of his room at him with a curious yet cold expression.

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