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When Irish Eyes Are Crying

...and then everyone of importance on hand has convened in one of the bedrooms. Sybil tells the group that no one tried to stop her leaving Ireland, but it doesn't mean she and Branson won't be pursued. Now that Sybil is safe, Cora decides it's time for recriminations as she asks Branson how he could have left her alone as he did, but Sybil pipes up that they had worked this plan out in advance, which I take to mean it was a general plan for dealing with any hot water into which Branson's revolutionary antics got him. Lucky thing it didn't happen with Sybil in labor. Speaking of which, Cora cautions Sybil that she mustn't travel anymore before the baby is born; Sybil worriedly replies that Branson wants the baby to be born in Dublin, but Mary thinks he can't hold her to that now and then rakes him over the coals for his involvement, saying that the Drumgooles are like them and the daughter even came out with Mary. "How could you dance round her burning house, Tom? It's horrible!" Well, it was probably no Riverdance, I'll grant her that. Sybil defends her man, and then Carson comes in with a telegram, which Cora reports says that Lord Grantham succeeded in seeing Shortt, but does not reveal the result. You could accuse Lord Grantham of being dramatic, but as we'll learn the result of his intervention is hard to sum up succinctly. Cora does say, though, that Lord Grantham writes that neither Sybil nor Branson is to leave Downton.

Downstairs, Molesley finds Thomas, who apparently accompanied Lord Grantham to London. After telling Thomas of the new footman, he asks if "the firebrand" (presumably referring to Branson) has been saved, but Thomas sniffs that that's not for him to say. But presumably he's rooting for that, right? Speaking of eye candy, Thomas passes a door and shifts into reverse when his brain catches up with his eyes, as its young Jimmy, who is half-dressed and just getting into his footman's uniform. Jimmy brightly says he hears Thomas was a footman once and wonders if he could come to him if he has any questions, and Thomas is like, of course, any time, just let me grab a paper bag first to deal with this sudden breathing issue that has nothing to do with your open shirt. When he's gone, Jimmy turns back away from the door to resume getting dressed, unaware that O'Brien has appeared in it. Seeing Jimmy's, to use Matthew's term, deshabille, she doesn't speak, but from the knowing look on her face, it looks like she's figured out who to use as the agent of Thomas' destruction.

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