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Credits. This show features a surprising number of blows to the face. I mean, given the premise, you'd think there'd be more car crashes and less el-kabonging.

Wendy and Ivy are about 300 miles from Rome. Wendy asks if Ivy's friends are likely to be angry at her. Ivy says that they aren't exactly friends, which signals that it's finally time for her backstory. She met Susan and Leigh during Katrina. Ivy explains, "There was this hospital where Susan works, and all these patients had to be carried to higher ground after the levees broke, so I helped." She adds that the three of them were on the news, and she figures that's why they were invited to join the race. She asks Wendy, "What about you?" Wendy disingenuously says, "I've never been on the news."

Godcam takes us 50 miles north to a gas station in Tifton, Georgia. Rob and Ellie gloat about being in the lead, and Rob starts refueling while Ellie cleans the windows and squeals about how they can buy a private island when they win. Gas pumps in Georgia must be amazing, because the car's tank is full after about 30 seconds. Rob runs to the shop to buy a drink. Inside, Rob buys some juice and then looks up at the TV, where there's a news snippet profiling a soldier who was killed the previous night. A photo of Specialist Mike Bakka comes up, and in response, Rob practices the face he'll make if (or, more likely, when) he gets hit in the face with a blunt object.

Corinna gets out of the truck and starts trying to hitch a ride.

Winston asks Sean whether he's seen the babe in the Mustang lately. Sean, uninterested, says maybe she got off. Winston chuckles, "Yeah, just by lookin' at me, huh?" Sean quite rightly doesn't try to respond to that. Instead, he examines the ticket and mentions that it says "Admit One." With what I'm sure he believes to be great deviousness, Sean wonders if they'll have to admit something at the checkpoint. "Like, maybe you'll have to say what you were in prison for." Winston casually says that since the race's sponsors got him out of prison, they probably know what he did. Sean realizes that deviousness is not his forte, and he asks why Winston was in prison. Winston asks, "Would you believe me if I said I killed a guy?" Sean ponders that briefly and says no. Winston asks, "Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?" No dice there, either. I kind of like this variation on 20 questions. Sean asks where Winston grew up, and he's shocked to hear that the answer is Miami. He gasps, "We were that close this whole time, and we didn't even know about each other?" Winston says that he's always known about Sean. He tells a story about how his mother came home and told him that he had a half-brother, and she asked him to pray for Sean. Sean wonders why, and Winston says, "She was like that." After a moment of poignancy, Winston announces that he's spotted the Mustang and wonders if he should let it catch up with them. Sean reminds his brother that they're in a race. Winston laughs, "Way to stay focused, bro."

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