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Corinna is dropped off at a police station by a friendly couple in an RV. She tells the desk sergeant that she's looking for Alex Tully and adds, "He was brutally attacked by one of your officers while being taken into custody." I'm not saying she's wrong, but I don't know if I'd describe it that way to another cop. Though it's interesting that, after lying almost constantly for two episodes, this is when Corinna decides to be rigorously honest. Anyway, she and the sergeant determine that the arresting officer's name was probably Poole.

Alex wakes up in an interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Officer Poole enters the room and harrumphs, "Alex Tully of Hastings, Nebraska." Alex calmly says that this must be a case of mistaken identity. Poole says that he knows who Alex is and adds, "I want to talk about what you were doing in Ashland, Kentucky on July 12, 2003." Alex says he's never been to Kentucky. Poole grabs Alex and grrs, "This is not a way to build trust." Then he lets Alex go and more calmly explains that he was in Ashland back then, and he saw Alex. He spreads some crime scene photos out on the table and explains, "Those are the people you killed."

Commercials. I want to see an episode where they all have massive leg cramps from sitting in car all day, every day. Ooh, they could do a crossover with House!

Godcam takes us to Hastings, Nebraska. Detective Ehrle is asking Alex's sister, Mrs. Freedman, where Alex went. Hey, Katie Finneran has straight hair now! Sis -- because that's what I'm gonna call her until she gets a first name -- explains that Alex called a few days ago and asked her to look after things, and that's all she knows. They walk into the house, which is full of fliers and flotsam from the search for Kathryn. Ehrle is a little troubled by the fact that Alex left town while everyone else was looking for his wife. He says things don't smell right, and Sis replies, "How does it smell, Detective?" which is a mighty peculiar line. Instead of saying, "Were you listening? Not right," Ehrle says, "Smells like he's running."

Interrogation room. Poole explains that four men staged a holdup at the First National Credit Union in Kentucky. Poole and his partner were first responders. "There was a shootout, all four men escaped, three bodies were left behind." And one of the victims was Poole's partner. Throughout this, Alex interrupts to say he wasn't there, it wasn't him, and some other dude did it. And that's when my recording has a seizure, so thank you, Fox, for putting the episodes online. Otherwise the recap for the rest of this scene would have been, "Then they get pixelated and freeze for a full minute and say 'whu -- fuh -- blzzzr.' When did Ionesco join the writing staff?" Anyway. Poole says that he doesn't think Alex actually killed anyone; he just drove the getaway car. He cheerfully adds, "But according to the law, [Alex is] just as guilty as the guy who does pull the trigger." Alex protests some more, and Poole says he'll always remember Alex's partner. Just like he remembers Alex. He sits on the table and explains, "We're gonna be here until you come clean. Until you admit who you really are."

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