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In the Firebird, Ellie aims for comforting but hits callous instead when she points out that that Rob wasn't actually friends with Mike Bakka. Rob says that's true, but they trained together. His voice shakes as he explains, "My outfit did two weeks with Bakka's unit in one-hundred-degree heat, eating dust and bugs -- I knew all those guys!" He adds that yesterday, there were sixteen injuries and three deaths in Bakka's unit. "A unit gets hit like that and people get on the horn! I haven't heard word one!" He asks for the phone so he can call people about it, but Ellie refuses. She claims she's concerned about the dangers of operating a phone while driving, and it's nice that someone is. You'd think the sponsors would have given them all Bluetooth headsets or something. She tells Rob to make his calls when they get to Rome. Rob doesn't like that, and they start arguing. Eventually Ellie rolls the window down and tosses the phone out of the car. Brilliant.

In the Taurus, John's phone rings. It's Violet's mom. John frets, "You're supposed to be there next weekend -- she probably wants to know when you're arriving." He decides to call back later. Violet sniffs that her mom won't mind missing one of their visits, because she hates being reminded of "the family she left behind." John insists that's not so, and then an alarm dings signaling that we're dangerously near the character backstory quota for this episode, so it's time to ease off. John promptly goes back to wondering how he'll explain The Race to Violet's mom. "I can't lie," he says, and Violet agrees. John says, "I'm glad you see it that way," and of course Violet means that John's not capable of lying convincingly. Then she gets a sitcom-scheme look and declares that maybe, just maybe, she could teach John to be a better liar.

The Salazars arrive in Tifton. Is Tifton, like, the Breezewood of Georgia or something? Sean runs to grab some food at another Preston's while Winston gets gas. Then Winston spots the Mustang at the next bank of pumps and hustles over as the babe pops the hood and frowns. She's wearing a red spaghetti-strap dress and cowgirl boots. Okay. She introduces herself as Dupree. Winston offers to help with the car, and Dupree gratefully notes that she'd like to be able to keep up with him on the road. She says, "Most of the scenery's pretty dull, and I like to have something pretty to look at." Winston smugly asks when she last checked the oil. Dupree does the "I'm too pretty to know how" thing. Winston explains, "First you gotta find the --" "Dipstick?" she suggests, as she slaps cuffs around his wrist and shoves a gun into his belly. She tsks that he hasn't observed the terms of his parole. Winston explains to the sleepier members of the audience that Dupree is a bounty hunter. As she leads Winston to her car, Sean reappears with several bags of groceries. Dupree points her gun at Sean, which seems uncalled for, and Winston says, "She's saying I jumped parole." I'm pretty sure that you jump bail; you break parole. As he gets in the Mustang, Winston tells Sean that the keys are in the Impala. "You get in, and you drive." Dupree starts the car, and Winston adds, "For what it's worth, man, I didn't do it." They drive off, and Sean shouts, "Do what?" Sean, I understand being curious, but is that really your top priority right now?

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