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The desk sergeant tells Corinna that they sent someone to pick up Tully's truck, but it wasn't where Corinna said it would be. Corinna figures it must have been towed. "Not by us," the sergeant says. Then he looks at the door and says that Officer Poole has arrived to straighten things out. Corinna turns, and this Officer Poole is a black man, distinctly unlike the guy who arrested Alex.

Commercials. I can't quite decide if there are actually more car commercials than usual during this show, which is certainly possible, or if it's just that I'm just noticing them more.

The Taurus is now 271 miles from Rome. John's driving now, so that Violet can devote all of her concentration to her lying tutorial. She says that a good lie is close enough to the truth that you can remember it, and she suggests that John should practice. She tells her father to pretend that he's a sixteen-year-old girl who wants to go to a concert on a school night. John immediately starts with, "I'd start off by explaining how important this concert is to me and how much I --" Violet interrupts: "Truth is death!" I play along, and John and I both say some version of "I have to study for a big exam." I don't stammer as much, though. Violet sneers, "Yeah, that'll work. If this was 1950 and I'd just had a lobotomy." Hey! Violet decides to share an example and asks if John remembers when Violet took Sophie Kramer to a support group for an STD. John is shocked to learn that was a lie and gasps, "You brought home literature from that meeting!" It's probably for the best he's forgotten how Violet said that lies should be close to the truth, right? He starts to ask what Violet really did that night, but Violet quickly tells him to make the technique his own.

The minivan is blaring what I think is Metallica as Wendy and Ivy stop for gas in -- you guessed it -- Tifton. Ivy offers to pump the gas since Wendy's been doing the driving. Wendy's grateful for the gesture, at least until Ivy suggests that Wendy go to fetch some food instead. Then, as Wendy heads for Preston's, Ivy ahems that she needs Wendy's credit card if she's going to pay for the gas. Ivy needs to get more screen time. Wendy finally gets inside, and then there's a whirr and a wind, and a helicopter descends over the station. I reflexively start to hum "Suicide Is Painless."

Inside Preston's, the patrons scurry over to the windows to watch the whirlybird land. Everyone except Sean, that is; he calmly sits in a booth sipping some coffee. The music gets extra-dramatic as the helicopter lands, and a man with the obligatory silver attaché case hops out and runs toward the diner. By the time he gets inside, everyone's calmed down again, or maybe they're trying to look cool. The attaché-case guy, who is, of course, Esteban, enters and sits down at Sean's booth. Sean says, "Just thinkin' about how Dad always calls you his other son. And here it turns out [that] he actually has another son." Judging from his gigantic creepy eyes, Esteban is actually some kind of changeling or alien come to spy on us in preparation for an invasion. That's just a theory. Anyway, Esteban urges Sean to come home. Sean accuses Esteban of telling the bounty hunter where Winston was. He says, "It was the credit cards, right? That's why Dad didn't have you cancel them. You were using them to track us." Sean figures that Dupree won't have turned Winston over yet, so Esteban still has time to get Winston back. Sean says that if Esteban can't work something out, "Dad's lost a son. And I don't mean Winston." I'm glad he clarified. Sean says that he's heading north, and that Esteban has 20 minutes to call him. He tosses his credit cards on the table and sniffs, "Give these back to Dad." I think Winston's gonna be bummed when he finds out that they won't have a gas card anymore.

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