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The Sun Also Risans
In a room somewhere, Worf stares at a Whorega-hn until Dax walks in wearing a short purple slip. She thinks it's time for bed. Worf thinks they need to talk. Again. "About the Essentialists?" Dax wonders. "No, about us," Worf says. "Do you think that if there had been any other Klingons on Deep Space Nine that Dax would have gone for them instead? Worf is SUCH a drag!" Dr. Mathra comments. Dax sighs that he's got another list of things she's doing wrong. Worf corrects her, saying it's not that she's doing things wrong, it's that she behaves too impulsively, acts without thinking, and has no self-control. "And you think I need you to control me?" Dax says, getting annoyed. Worf says she's his par'machkai and that everything she does reflects on him. "I'm sorry if I embarrass you," Dax says angrily. Worf says she wishes she would take their relationship as seriously as he does. "And I wish you would relax and just enjoy what we have together," Dax counters. Given that Klingon love-making involves lots of pain, I don't think they're about enjoying a relationship. Dax says she's not going to change who she is. Neither is Worf. Dax pleads with him to come to bed. Worf says he'll be there shortly. Dax sighs and leaves. Next morning, Dax helps La Williams and some Risans put the tables back up. "This place looks a lot better than it did last night," Dax comments. "I guess the Risans aren't as lethargic as the Essentialists would like everyone to believe." Um, considering that the messing up of the dining room happened last night -- the Essentialists even told everyone to go back to their desserts, so it's not like it was two in the morning or anything -- I'd say it's pretty damn lazy to wait until morning to clean everything up again. I mean, I don't do that and I'm not even in the hospitality industry. Maybe I'm a freak, but nothing makes a hangover worse than dirty, skanky dishes. La Williams says that she thinks Drab Man needs to get laid. Dax laughs and says, "I'd buy him a Whorega-hn myself if I thought he'd take it." Dax sighs. La Williams gets the dirt that Dax isn't enjoying herself. She notes that Dax could go off and entertain herself as Curzon did. "And I can tell there's more than a little Curzon in you," La Williams says. "He loved this planet," Dax agrees. "And Risa loved him," La Williams returns. Loved him to DEATH! Seeing that she might be getting into a dangerous, flirty area with La Williams, Dax claps her hands together and suggests she help clean up.

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