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Bridget and John are singing "What's Love Got to Do with It?" Great song choice but it's not helping with what I see as Bridget's main problem; she comes off as old. She needs younger songs. This is a fantastic song, and she'll rock it (especially since she's currently separated from her husband, she reveals) but it's an old people song.

John starts the song so maybe I should apologize to Robin for doing the same. Nope, not going to do it. Bridget is awesome, but I don't love John's harmony line. He's singing it well; I just don't like the arrangement. Bridget does a better job of alternating between looking at John and at the audience this week. She still looks really angry most of the time. That's her second problem, other than the age thing. I think she screwed up one of the choruses, and thought they were ending and they weren't, but she recovers well.

Kelly compliments John first, and says that he loved Bridget's dress and her legs, which were Tina Turner-style. But Kelly doesn't love that song and didn't think it was hard enough for Bridget's skills. Jennifer says that she was so entertained that she forgot she was judging. This is because Jennifer is old. Even if she's not old, she acts old. Robin babbles about Bridget's spirit and says that he thought it was Bridget's best performance and she looked like a superstar. I liked it. Like Kelly, I think she can do more. She ends up in second place.

Jennifer is up with her second song, and guess what she picked? What would be the second cheesiest song that they could pick? That's right, "I Will Always Love You." I wish J Rome had a different partner who would pick better and more interesting songs. Every single singer in the world has tried this one. What can J Rome do that's new? Jennifer goes off on a rant about how John Legend needs to take hormone supplements and I don't know. She's pregnant, right? Maybe I will write off some of her craziness to being in her first trimester.

They open the song a capella. It sounds good. Then Jennifer strolls out in her purple velvet suit and I can't. With that suit. Okay, as cheesy as this song is, and as much as I can't look at Jennifer, the blend on their voices and the arrangement is awesome. J Rome takes the big "[bomp] And eye-ee-eye" part and does well, pitch wise. His voice is a little nasally for me, though. He does a great riff at the end. That was about as good as I could hope for that song. It wasn't groundbreaking but how can that song be groundbreaking at this point? It can't. But it was good and less cheesy than you'd expect. Or at least I'd expect.

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