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And I Am Telling You... Okay, I'll Leave

Kelly wants to talk first, and she just says, "You are so good!" Glad she went first to deliver that information. Robin says that everyone knows there's a reason why J Rome has been first every week, and he sells the song. John Legend pretends he's crying and then J Rome is in first place. That means Jordan is definitely in the bottom two. Boo, although she kind of deserves it.

Kelly's goal is to get Jason to the week where America votes because she knows that America will love him. They're singing "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge. See, here's a good choice. It's not overplayed, but it's still a good song and will let him show his vocal skills. Kelly is worried that Jason is sometimes noncommittal with his singing at the beginnings of songs, and she urges him to really focus on that.

He does better than usual with the opening. He opens pretty strong although he still needs to work on articulating his words. I think Jason is wearing the same suit that Jennifer is wearing. It's purple and it's fuzzy. I see what Kelly was talking about. Jason seems to only want to sing the big notes and kind of mumbles the rest. He hits the big notes, which is great, but he needs to sing all of the song. And it does make him pitchy because he's kind of skipping over notes and when he gets nervous, he gets more nasal. And he's not standing up to Kelly's powerful voice except for, again, on those big notes. The big notes sound great, though.

Robin didn't love the song choice because a lot of it was in the lower register and Jason's voice is stronger when he sings higher. Jennifer thought he showed a musical theater bent, but also saw some problem in the lower register. John thinks he moved well, but the song was too low for him. I don't know if it was too low; I think he can sing the notes but for some reason, swallows them. Anyway, Jason ends up on the bottom, so he'll be singing against Jordan. Kelly's losing someone, y'all.

The final rankings from top to bottom are: J Rome, John, Bridget, Olivia, Jordan, Jason. That's probably about right. I might have put Olivia lower, but I would always put Olivia lower.

Time for the battle. I don't recognize the song that Jason sings but it's jazzy and it consists of about three notes, but he sings it well. And then Jordan gets up and sings "And I Am Telling You" and it's really amazing. Goosebumps. That's another song that it's tough to do something new with, but she manages to. It's clearly a song that she's been singing in the shower for YEARS. She kills it.

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