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Last Dance

Here's part of Bridget's problem. She looks angry when she sings. Angry at John Legend. Angry at the audience. It worked when she was singing "Heard It Through the Grapevine" but it doesn't really work for this song. She needs to have more fun, or at least look like she is. She and John can do sexy but this is a fun song and despite the phalanx of disco dancers behind them, I'm not getting a fun vibe at all. She just looks mad at him. She's got a great voice and they sound great together and while there is some melancholy in this song's lyrics, it's also kind of about, "Let's celebrate while we can."

Kelly loved the ending and thought they sounded great together, but she wants Bridget to look out at the audience more. Jennifer says that they were all apprehensive about doing party songs, but she loves how Bridget made the song her own. Robin respects her passion but he wanted to see more fun. Me too, Robin! I think that's the first time we ever agreed on anything. So is she in first or second place? First place! Man, Jason can't get a break.

Jennifer Nettles and her star J Rome are up next. He's been number one for three weeks in a row, which are also the only three weeks the show has been on the air. He'll be singing "PYT" by Michael Jackson this week. I have had that song in my head for like three weeks ever since I caught a bit of This Is It on VH1, so maybe this will finally get it out. Anyway, J Rome just wants to be positive and have America love him, so go for it.

You guys, what is Jennifer Nettles wearing. What. Is she wearing? Does she have a stylist and why hasn't s/he been fired yet? She's got on a black halter jumpsuit (oh...kay) that has an orange running stripe down the side and then a metallic wide gold belt and this terrible gold jewelry and it makes her look like she's really thick around the middle and it is so ugly I can't stand it. Also, she is a terrible dancer and shouldn't try to sing pop music. Stick to country and your God songs, girl. Anyway, J Rome sounds fine but he... sounds exactly like Michael Jackson. And looks and dances like him. So why did we need his version exactly?

Kelly says that she loves J Rome and that seemed like a Michael Jackson impersonation. That's what I said. Robin thinks he belongs on the stage, which doesn't tell us anything about how the performance was. John says it's tough to find new ways to tell J Rome how great he is, although this performance was a little nasal. So where does he fall on the charts? He's in first, Bridget is second, and Jason in third.

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