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Last Dance

John and Meleana are up next. John explains that he was worried that they picked a song that wasn't dynamic enough but then his manager played them a song by one of the other superstars and John thought it was perfect. I'm guessing it's a Kelly song, since it's rocking. Meleana says that she's not used to singing upbeat songs, but she can only control her performance.

And I was right. It's "Since You've Been Gone." The opening verse is a little low for Meleana, but if you've ever sung that song along with the radio, you know that it's really low. Meleana sounds terrible singing this song, by the way. John doesn't even sound that great. I feel like Meleana knows that she's not good because she's pouring on the performance and dramatics. I love this song. It's not great. I think it would even make a good duet... for two different people. Kelly thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

Kelly thinks she performed the hell out of it, even if it was a little pitchy in spots. Jennifer thought she had the energy for a party song, and the first chorus was a bit rough but she nailed it on the second chorus. Robin finds it weird to hear John sing that song, but he was impressed how Meleana gave it over to the moment. Meleana ends up second from the bottom, which means Jason is safe. Yeah, that's about right.

Like Meleana, John doesn't feel as comfortable with party songs, because he's a cheeseball. Jennifer tells him that he needs to get comfortable with it, and they start rehearsing "Life Is A Highway". They worry that the chorus sounds great but the verse is too slow. But once they get with the full band, the energy comes up. And then Jennifer speaks directly to me and says that if John is having fun up there and I don't like it, I'm a hater. Well get me fitted for my hater suit because I plan to hate.

Jennifer is still wearing that terrible jumpsuit. I don't mind John's movements. It's his dumb facial expressions that bug me. Actually, it's Jennifer's weird movements that bug me more than John's. She's just so lanky and awkward. And Celine Dion-ish. I just figured out that she reminds me of Celine Dion trying to rock out. I actually liked this performance by John better than any of his previous ones. He could have looked out at the audience a little more but he wasn't so schmaltzy and cheeseball.

Kelly thinks they picked the perfect song, and he was true to himself (unlike J Rome). Robin points out that John has a great voice and he doesn't have to do so much physically. But then Robin brings up swagger and I stop listening. John enjoyed John running around having a good time, and advises him not to pull the mike away from his mouth when he has a big note so that they can hear it. So where does John end up in the rankings? Well, he's not going to be bottom two. He ends up third.

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