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The crowd loved him though. Jennifer loves his voice when he opens up. Robin says that he's adorable, but doesn't say much about his voice. John can tell that Jason loves being there. That's... not really a comment on his singing. So where does he stack up? He's in fourth place. That's deserved.

Okay, so I guess each pro gets two partners. That makes a lot more sense. I didn't understand how they would be able to go an entire season with just four competitors. John Legend goes first in the second round. He auditions three female singers but chooses the best one, Bridget. She kind of looks and talks like Florence the Maid from The Jeffersons: Marla Gibbs. I mean that as a compliment.

So John Legend and Bridget are singing "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)." It sounds like the song might be a little bit low for her in parts, and they don't seem super connected at first, maybe because John is behind the piano. When he steps out, they stand really close to one another but I'm still not feeling it from her. She seems like she's trying to stay distant. And her dress is really unflattering. But her voice sounds good, especially when she hits the high notes.

Robin says that the song makes him feel like going to the club, and he felt the connection when she looked in John's eyes. And then he talks about how he feels when he looks in John's eyes. Shut up, Robin. Jennifer thought it was sophisticated. Kelly loved their smooth tone. So where do they rank? She moved up to four, bumping Jason down to last place. I don't know if the judges got crazy and excited with the first singer, J Rome, or what, but he was not better than everyone we've seen so far, and yet he's still in first place.

Jennifer auditions one dude named John (too many Johns on this show) who sings a hymn and makes her cry, and he's from her hometown. I just realized that every time the pro asks the amateur to be on the show, they yell out, "Let's DU-ET!" That's cheesy.

John and Jennifer are singing "Stay." John also sounds a little like Vince Gill. I don't know why I think everyone sounds like Vince Gill tonight. Something about his tone. This guy needs a makeover, though. He looks like the guy that had a crush on Malcolm's mom on Malcolm in the Middle. He's got a great voice, though. I don't feel any chemistry between them, even though Jennifer is singing the hell out of this song.

Quddus notes that they seemed like the only two in the room. Kelly tells John that he sounds like an angel, and she's crying. John thinks his voice is crystal clear and blends with Jennifer's well. Robin thought it was great that he held his own with Jennifer. So where's the rank? He has moved into third place. I'm still mad that Olivia is so far down the board.

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