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You're All I Need To Get By

Kelly thought that J Rome did a good job keeping it cool when it could have been really cheesy, but she didn't think the song showed off his range. John thinks J Rome has a lot of polish and presence, but the song didn't show his abilities. Robin babbles about twenty-five year olds who fly off in a convertible (um, they're supposed to be high school seniors even if the actors were much older). I don't know. Anyway, J Rome ends up tied with Meleana for first, though it feels like his score was more of a gift based on what they know he's capable of rather than a score for that particular performance.

Robin and Alexis Foster are up last. She wants to learn something about stage charisma from Robin. Ooh, don't get douchey, girl. They're singing "You're All I Need To Get By." I almost put that in my initial list of songs I wanted to see, but I was trying to mix it up. Wow, this is pretty good. Alexis has tons more confidence than she did last week. Robin's voice is actually pretty thin in his falsetto and it's kind of ruining the song for me. Alexis is really good. I wish she were singing by herself. I'm also distracted by Robin's hair. Do you think he uses a curling iron on that pompadour? Anyway, I loved that. I don't have much to say about the singing because I just let it wash over me.

Jennifer thought Alexis did a great job presentation-wise and did beautiful vocally. John loved it but advises Alexis on how to hold her mic so that they can hear her better. Kelly felt like the presentation was disconnected until the last few notes. I actually agree with her but I couldn't put it together until Kelly said it; that's why I wanted Robin to stop singing and just let Alexis sing by herself - they weren't adding any value to each other's performance, and isn't that the whole point of a duet? Alexis ends up in sixth place, and I thought she was better than that. I still don't get why John Glossen was so high. And clearly, you're better off performing early because your scores will be higher - both weeks have shown that to be true.

So the final chart is: Meleana, J Rome, Bridget, John, Jordan, Alexis, Jason, and Olivia. I would move put Alexis, Jordan and Jason higher and move Meleana, J Rome, Bridget, and John down. Olivia definitely deserved last place, though.

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