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Favorite Standards

Jennifer and John are singing "Georgia on My Mind," what with both of them being from Douglas, GA. John says it's going to be amazing if they hit it. He should hope they do, then, but we're not going to find out until after the ads.

They don't hit it. They're a little off beat at the opening, but they recover in time for John to deploy his high-school speech hand gestures, and do some big fat belting there at the end. I don't intend that as a comment about John's weight, either. But he's not helping himself after the finish (and as Jennifer vacates the stage like she's in an ejector seat) when Quddus offers to chat with him about home and John goes off about sweet tea and mac & cheese. Oh, and also the support from the people back home, as he remembers at the last second.

Robin says it was great. He doesn't seem all that enthused now that he doesn't have a dog in this hunt any more. In fact, why is he even still here? Kelly says she's looking forward to watching that back at home, because she couldn't hear him at all just now. John Legend says it was just the right amount of syrup, as opposed to too much last week.

Finally, Kelly will be singing with Jason. In the rehearsal clip, we see Kelly stumping into the studio on crutches, with her foot all bandaged up. Apparently she fell onstage, hence the fractured foot Quddus alluded to earlier. Jason and Kelly are singing "Feelin' Good" this week, and Jason's worried about a certain big note he's afraid of missing. Kelly admits she changes notes for herself all the time. Which she can get away with because she's Kelly Clarkson. For the performance, they're downplaying Kelly's injury by having her sit on the piano while she and Jason start out with some wispy harmonies. But then it gets bigger vocally, so you almost don't mind that Jason's kind of stalking awkwardly around his stationary mentor.

As soon as they're done, Kelly wants everyone to know that she messed it up, which she can do, what with being still on the stage at all. The advantage, after all, of not being able to vacate the stage is that you also don't have to. John says he was very impressed, Robin says he was missing some of the soul he was hoping for, and Jennifer makes a speech about how Jason seems to be more confident and opening up. Or maybe he just felt safer moving around the stage more since there was almost no chance of Kelly falling on him.

Recap of tonight's performances, and Quddus reminds everyone to vote...everyone who's watching, and everyone who cares to vote, that is. Like Robin, I don't really have a favorite, but we'll find out America's least favorite early in next week's episode, because the elimination/competition on this show is completely upside down.

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