Season 1, Episode 3

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Natural Woman

John starts out singing a capella because he didn't want it to be cheesy. Is there anything cheesier? And then Jennifer walks out wearing a shirt with bat wings? Remember last week when I said I was questioning her taste level? Consider it officially questioned and found lacking. He has a great voice and they sound great together. I can at least grant them that. But I feel like I'm watching televised church services from one of those megachurches and this is the musical interlude. Everything about this is crazy ridiculous: Jennifer's outfit, the arrangement, the lighting, everything. It's like a beauty pageant for Jesus.

What did the judges think? John assesses his own performance by saying that cheesy doesn't mean it's not good. Well. Kelly jokes that she's trying to figure out how to get him kicked off the show, and she thinks their voices have an incredibly blend. Robin talks about his kid for no apparent reason except that the song made him have Feelings. John thinks they sounded beautiful together and it was a wonderful version of that song. So does he overtake Alexis on the scoreboard? Of course he does.

Kelly works with Jordan, who thinks she sounds good but is nervous about how she moves on stage. Kelly sees a lot of herself in Jordan, and she wishes someone had done for her what she can do for Jordan. Kelly works with her on stage presence and selling the song. Jordan is afraid of looking stupid and Kelly advises her that she'll look stupid if she gets kicked off the show. Good point, Kelly.

They are singing Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart." I am rooting for Jordan so hard, you guys. She's got a great voice. She does a LOT better this week when it comes to stage presence, even walking down and singing to each of the judges with some attitude. But standing next to Kelly, you can see how Jordan's movements are smaller. She's still holding back and when she gets nervous, she relies on this weird finger gun move. She needs to just go nuts up there so that her presence matches her voice. Otherwise, she just looks like she's performing at the junior high talent show.

John starts off the judging. He says that he loves her energy and she carried herself like a star, and it was a dramatic improvement. Robin says that she looks "tasty as pie." Gross. Jennifer loved it; she loved the song and thought her voice stood out more than in previous weeks. So how did it add up numbers-wise? Well, Jordan is in second place, behind John. That's fair. I didn't like John's performance but I can see why others did.

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