Season 1, Episode 3

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Natural Woman

John goes last in round one; he's performing with Meleana, who came in first last week, despite only having days to prepare. Her whole rehearsal package is all about what a whirlwind it's been. So let's get to the song, which is "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. I freaking love this song, so they had better do it justice. John Legend sounds so good that I kind of want him to sing this song by himself. The opening verse is too low for Meleana. She doesn't sound great. They have great chemistry, though. Oh, John Legend just sang another line and I wish he wouldn't stop. Why does she have to join in? She's not really adding anything to this song and I still think she's too nasally up in her nose. I don't get why she was in first last week.

Kelly says that Meleana did a great job when she sang in her head voice but she was a little nasal when she tried to sing big. But Kelly liked their chemistry. Jennifer thinks she started out a little weak, but when the song got bigger, Meleana matched the mood. Robin thought it was a great song choice and she's beautiful. Well, don't wake up or anything, Robin. Seriously, he is half-asleep. So where did Meleana end up on the chart? She's in third place, so John and Jordan are both safe since they are definitely not in the bottom two.

Olivia ended up on the bottom last week and she even admits that she didn't give her all last week and felt self-conscious last week. This week, she's singing a Beyonce song so Robin encourages her to be fearless. In rehearsals, he finally gets Olivia to move a little bit and he acts like she just did something amazing. Dude, she swung her hips slightly. Let's not get nuts.

They are singing "Crazy In Love" which is another of my favorite songs and Robin Thicke is ruining it for me. Her voice is not nearly big enough for this song. You can barely hear her over the horns in the background and Robin's stupid "rapping". Olivia is moving a little bit (she's no Beyonce) but her singing is not great. She's too breathy and a little pitchy in spots. Ooh, more than a little pitchy. And then Robin is doing his falsetto. This is a hot mess. No thank you.

Jennifer says it looked fun and her vocals were great. They were? How could you hear her? Kelly loved it and thought Olivia drew her eye even amongst professional dancers. John loved her legs, which do look pretty awesome, and that she had more fun and didn't concentrate on the vocals as much. So how does that translated to scores? Olivia is second from the bottom. I thought she should have been on the bottom. She wasn't better than Alexis.

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