Season 1, Episode 3

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Natural Woman

J Rome is singing "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" for his grandfather, who passed away not long ago. His grandfather was also a singer and was always interested in J Rome's singing career. When they rehearse, J Rome breaks down crying. I don't know why this feels less exploitative than John's story, but it does somehow. Maybe I just don't like John and that's why.

Jennifer's voice is really beautiful in the lower register. J Rome's voice sounds a little thin in comparison, and when they sing together, Jennifer is overpowering him. In the second verse, J Rome goes freestyle and it sounds so much better than when he was singing it true to the original. Jennifer is still singing too loudly, though. J Rome cries at the end and says that he wishes his grandfather was here to see it.

John says he's running out of nice things to say about J Rome, and the feelings behind that song were genuine. Robin is still slouching and just claps and doesn't talk. Kelly is crying and she can't even formulate a critique. And J Rome takes the top slot. Mmm. I feel like he got votes for the story more than the performance, because his vocals were not as good as they've been in the past.

Kelly has to work with Jason to figure out what is holding him back. She thinks he has a beautiful voice, and Jason believes that he's worried about pleasing everyone, especially his parents, who aren't really supportive of his singing career. Kelly brings Jason's dad in for rehearsals, and his dad seems really happy and proud. Kelly forces his dad to say that they're all proud of him and support him. Yeah, see what he says when the cameras are off. I'm such a cynic.

Jason is singing "Hallelujah," so at least that's a song that no one ever sings anymore. Except everyone does, on every show, everywhere. Jason needs to articulate his words more. He's a mumbler. His voice sounds pretty but he's not opening his mouth enough. Jason loosens up a bit as the song goes on and he sounds great. But he's not looking at the audience at all, although he does look at Kelly near the end. I would hate to see him go home. I think he has a lot of potential and if you just listened to this and didn't watch it, you'd think he should be near the top. But he kind of just stands there and sings, and I feel like this show is about more than that.

Robin says that he relates to your parents having different dreams for you. Yeah, his parents, two professional singers, probably didn't support him at all. John agrees with me that Jason needs to articulate his words better. Jennifer loved the song and thought it sounded beautiful at times. Scores? Jason is second from the bottom, which means he and Alexis might be duking it out unless the last performer blows it. No pressure.

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