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Roll Out Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Children's Television Hosts With Psychotic Tendencies

Warren's sitting in the hallway of the school, wanting to cry. Now, not only is he still a nerd, but he's a nerd who made a complete ass of himself with absolutely no help from anyone. Diane walks up and tells him he's getting his cape all dirty sitting on the floor. He wants to know what she's doing there, and she says she ate some expired cottage cheese which compelled her with the urge to go sit through a pep rally. Warren tells her that she was right -- he crashed and burned like Dale Earnhardt. His dreams of nailing Jessica Martell are now officially over. Diane pshaws that theory and says that stranger things have happened. Warren is disgusted that Diane actually pities him, which classifies him as an even bigger loser than he originally thought he was. Anyway, he'll never chase after Jessica again. Diane tells him that if he changes his mind, she'll help him get Jessica. He wants to know how. She says that ever since junior high, she's been watching these people and how they operate. She's Jacques Cousteau and the popular people are fish. She looks at Warren as a new science experiment which certainly beats injecting rats up the ass with liquid cancer.

Back at the Goat, Jim's telling Molly that he's about to finish the job at Stuckey Bowl, and he wants to know if she'll be around. She doesn't think she can make it. He says it's no problem, and she wants to go home. Jim says, "Fine," and tells her not to let the door hit her in the ass. She leaves. He thinks for a second and then runs after her. Once outside, he asks Molly if she's okay and she says she's fine. Then she recants that whole "fine" crap and says that it's not his fault, but she doesn't want to go down Buddy Road again. She doesn't wanna traverse Friend Street or cruise down Chum Avenue or lollygag down Good Pal Boulevard either. So she suggests that they just shake hands and get on with their lives. Jim looks at her long and hard. Then he bends down and kisses her long and hard -- the kind of kiss that dreams are made of and shy couples eventually share. He smiles, says, "Goodnight Buddy," and walks back inside. Molly stands there, then laughs and walks away.

Woooohooooooo! Molly finally got her some!

I really liked this episode. Even if I hated it, I'd still think it was great strictly for Phil's backflip, which I have now watched at least a dozen times, snickering every time. There was no Principal Jackass...no "Ed Catches Up With Carol On The Street" scene...no musical montage at the end...so it was kind of hard to recap. And please: I like Molly. I'm fatter than Molly. I only pick on Molly because it's my job here. It's nothing personal. So some of you just need to get over that hump and take what I say with a grain of salt. Or, in Molly's case, a bag of sugar.

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