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Revenge Of The Nerd-Haters

In the courtroom, Ed announces that he wishes to withdraw as Coach Kerwin's counsel. The rules of the court state that Ed is supposed to do his best to win his cases and he just doesn't want to win this one. He says if he wins then Clark doesn't get to go to college. He adds that Coach Kerwin still feels pain for what happened to Shawn because he failed English and never achieved his dreams. And while Ed believes in rules, there are times when exceptions can and should be made. Perhaps these two instances are shining examples of when exceptions should have been implemented. Life is hard enough without teachers making it harder on these students. As it stands, neither outcome is acceptable to Ed as a lawyer, so he resigns from representing Coach Kerwin. And he just waltzes out of the courtroom to a stunned silence. Molly and Carol have warm smiles on their faces as Clark's lawyer tries to explain to his client that the other lawyer, to use technical terms, just "went off the deep end."

We then see Ed drinking a beer in his office when Molly walks in. Molly tells him that what he did in court was good...along the lines of Al Pacino in ...And Justice For All during the "I'm not out of order! You're out of order!!" monologue. Ed asks what happened after he left, and Molly says that Clark's parents dropped the case and that the principal was there and is going to change the rules so that kids can still do horrible and get a B in P.E. regardless of their athleticism. Furthermore, the principal is going to weigh everything to make sure this kind of thing never happens again. Molly then tells Ed that he needs to go talk to Carol; she's sitting in the parking lot of the convenience store and staring at Shawn Ellis through the windows of the store. Ed dons his Batcape and cowl and announces he's on his way. He stops and asks Molly what happened: he thought she wasn't going to be a go-between between him and Carol anymore. What can Molly say...sometimes we have to make EXCEPTIONS to the RULES.

That Moll! Always good for a callback!

In the parking lot, Carol is staring at Shawn and watching him mop the floor, just like Molly said. If this were The Sopranos, she's have a gun in her lap and be ready to blow his head clean off, that's how spooky the scene comes off. Shawn locks up and goes to leave the building. Carol jumps out of her car and goes to meet him. She introduces herself, but he already remembers who she was...she was the woman who led him down the career path of mopping a Pack and Sack at 12:30 in the morning rather than snorting blow off an NBA cheerleader's chest after a successful tournament final. Carol's a tad uncomfortable all of a sudden and wants to buy him a coffee. He tells her it's late and he has to get some sleep because he has to open the store the next day. She says that she's been thinking about what she did and is ready to admit that she made a mistake. She should have found a way to make an exception so that he could have gone on and played pro ball. She knows that telling him this isn't doing any good this late in the game, but that teachers have so many rules that they must abide by that it never occurred to her to make an exception for him. She's human; she makes mistakes. Shawn stops her pitiful diatribe and reminds her that it's late and he has to be back in by 5 AM. He then jogs away from her, stops on a street corner to let her words sink in for a second or two, then jogs away.

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