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Revenge Of The Nerd-Haters

More commercials. Rugrats in Paris is now out on video and DVD. I'm shocked that Blockbuster Video has yet to install a revolving door after that revelation hit the airwaves.

Back in Mike's office, Nancy is giving him a shoulder massage and listening to him whine about how Dr. Jerome treats him like a child. Dr. Jerome walks in and apologizes to Mike, telling him that his temper got the best of him that morning. As a small token of appreciation, he wants Mike to open a present that he's bought for him. Mike opens the gift up and it's a children's book called "Looking Into My Body." Jerome offers his assistance in explaining any of the concepts in the book to Mike that may be too complicated. Jerome leaves and Mike calls him a "bald-headed bastard" while Nancy acts shocked and slightly aroused at Mike's masterful use of the English language.

In the bowling alley, Ed's polishing the alley floor when Carol walks in. She asks Ed if he spoke to the Coach, and Ed says yeah but that he couldn't get through to him to see Carol's point of view. Carol says that Ed's being weird and asks if there's something Ed's not telling her. Ed says "yes" and admits that the Coach has a few good arguments against passing Clark when he shouldn't, and he might be right in this circumstance. Carol hits the ceiling and says she must be in the Twilight Zone because Ed Stevens is not agreeing with her on something she feels strongly about. She says he's being a complete dolt. They fight way too fast for me to transcribe and it wasn't all that intriguing to begin with. Ed gets in the last word that the Coach made good points in his argument. Carol leaves in a huff and a Saturn.

In the gymnasium, Warren has taken Clark under his wing in order to help him pass the strenuous fitness test and get into a good school. Clark thinks it's a lost cause to try and train him for this test. Warren reminds him of Rocky Balboa in Rocky II when Mickey had him chase a chicken around the streets of Philadelphia and try to catch it. Warren pulls out a live chicken, does a godawful impression of Burgess Meredith, and puts the chicken on the floor of the gym, telling Clark that if he can catch the chicken, he can catch greased lightning...now GO GET IT! Clark walks slowly over to the chicken and picks it up with no effort. Warren tells Clark that he has to give the chicken a head start first.

Mike walks into his office and there are post-it notes everywhere, each one describing the object that it's been stuck on. For instance, the phone has a post-it note that says "Telephone." The door: "Door." If you need me to break this down any further for you, please email me and we'll discuss it at length. Mike's wondering what the hell's going on when Jerome walks in and places a post-it note on both Mike's elbow and ass, insinuating that Mike can't tell his ass from his elbow. I GET IT!!! That Jerome guy will go to great lengths to make an extremely subtle joke. I think that's why I like the cantankerous bastard so much.

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