Hook, Line, And Sinker

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Something Smells Fishy, and It Ain't Molly's Breath

At the Stuckeyville Bakery, Carol, Molly, Nancy, and Mike are sitting around a table, enjoying fresh baked goods and coffee. "So, where's your buddy Ed?" Carol asks Mike, with just a hint of jealousy. "He'll be here any minute," Mike assures her. Molly asks if maybe she could make this week's $10 bet with Mike. Mike informs Molly that it's a time-honored tradition between he and Ed and that nobody else is allowed to participate in the $10 bet. Nancy tells Molly that they don't need Mike and Ed -- they can do their own $10 bet. Dropping her voice a few octaves to imitate her husband, Nancy bets Molly ten smackers that she won't call the waitress "Fancy Pants." Molly jumps in on the fun and says, "Bring me a sandwich, Fancy Pants." They both have a laugh at Mike's and Ed's expense. For the first time, Mike maybe has an inkling on how ignorant their little $10 bets can actually be. Carol spots Ed walking up and excitedly announces, "There's Ed!!" like a little girl spotting a Backstreet Boy in the mall. Conveniently, Bonnie walks up to Ed on the street right in front of the bakery and they start jabbering away. Ed thinks he scared Bonnie off with all his folders in the courtroom, and that's why she dropped the appeal. Bonnie assures him that's not the reason she dropped the appeal. Then she asks him if he'd like to have a drink with her. Ed's flabbergasted. He agrees to have a drink with her as she walks away. Ed enters the bakery and Carol says, "You two looked hot and heavy out there." The jealousy just drips off every word. Molly says she's seen this before: "Sparks in the courtroom...sparks in the bedroom." It's safe to say that Molly's never seen this first-hand before. Ed assures Molly that his bedroom is spark-free. Carol looks like she's just been informed she has incurable ass acne: sad and confused. Mike bets Ed $10 that he won't call the waitress "Fancy Pants." Nancy and Molly perk up as if they're actually a part of the betting process now. Ed looks at him and says "Seriously?" Mike says, "Nahhh...that's lame." Molly and Nancy look like two fat chicks on prom night.

Back at the bowling alley, Kenny's idea to bring in more customers is demonstrated first. Kenny has come up with "Miniature Bowling," which is similar to Miniature Golf, in that he's erected a windmill in one of the alleys. As a customer rolls a ball down the alley, it strikes the windmill and knocks it down. "I'm still working out all the kinks," Kenny reminds Ed. "You're taking it down immediately, right?" Ed asks. "Right away," Kenny says. Kenny's promotion quickly bites the dust.

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