Last Chance

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Last Chance

Opening credits. I've got to admit, I downloaded Clem Snide's "Moment In The Sun" the other day, and it's really not that bad once you hear the whole song. I've been wrong this entire season about that tune. It's actually kinda catchy. Yeah. Like herpes.

Molly walks in to the Bowl and asks Shirley if Ed's around. Shirley says he's stocking the bar, and the two ladies walk in that general direction. Shirley asks if it's true that Molly's one of the judges in the upcoming Stuckeyville Talent Show. Molly says she is. Shirley wants to be in the contest, and Molly asks what her talent is. Shirley says she can fall without bracing herself. Molly starts to say she doesn't know if that's necessarily a talent when Shirley crosses her arms across her chest and falls straight back onto the floor. Shirley asks if that's anything. Molly and Ed stare at her in disbelief before Molly declares the act of falling backwards like a rotting tree a talent.

Outside, Molly and Ed walk down the street. Ed wants to know what's up with Carol and Jackass. Molly says that she knows they're going out to dinner at Maison Croissanwich. Ed can't believe that they're going to a restaurant so fancy that butter comes in little tubs and not in prepackaged pats. Ed then wants to go to the school. Molly says she just came from there, and there's nothing but books and students and teachers there. Ed still wants to go. Molly doesn't understand why. Ed must go. He's being drawn to the school like a four-year-old to Disneyland. It has become a quest to get to the school. Molly decides that she doesn't want to go to the school, so Ed goes alone. The cheese goes alone. Hi ho the derrio. The cheese goes alone.

At school, MegaMark is waddling down the hallway when he sees Warren. MegaMark tries to talk to him, but Warren brushes him off. MegaMark says that Warren can't avoid him forever. Warren keeps walking away. MegaMark says that if Warren wants to call him "Tubby" -- if that will make Warren feel better -- then he should have at it. I think this was meant to be a shout-out to this website, but I just want to let MegaMark know that it's pronounced "Tubey," not "Tubby." It's a common mistake. Don't sweat it, bud. Diane comes running up to tell Warren she has to talk to him. Warren finally stops, faces both of them, and tells them that they are dead to him and have been since the moment their lips came into contact with each other. Warren storms off, and MegaMark asks Diane what they're going to do. Diane says, "Beats me, Tubby." MegaMark says that only Warren was allowed to call him "Tubby" as Ed walks in, pushes them aside, and keeps walking towards Jackass's office.

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