Live Deliberately

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Live Deliberately

In the courtroom, the judge asks Ed whether he has anything to say on Pollak's behalf before a decision is rendered. Ed stands and gives us the lesson of the episode. Basically, Ed says that since life will end eventually everyway, some people just give up. Instead, Pollak lives deliberately (just like Thoreau, see!). For Pollak, living deliberately means doing everything. Ed doesn't know if his life system is right or wrong -- and notes that it should be refined so that he doesn't bowl naked -- but that he at least has a system. Ed points out that Pollak is leaving town tomorrow, and asks the judge to let him go. The judge says that he sympathizes with Pollak, but that he can't let the incidents go unpunished, so he sentences Pollak to one night in jail. Ed starts to protest, but Pollak says that he's never spent the night in jail, and that it might be exciting. Ed tells Pollak that he's incredible and shakes his hand goodbye. Is that the last we'll see of old Pollak?

Oh, God. Are the music editors trying to torture me? Did they know that I would be guest-recapping this episode? "I Don't Wanna Work" by, I believe, Todd Rundgren, is playing in the bowling alley as Phil hands out bowling shoes. As he hands out each pair, he tells Shirley that he just earned another "3.75 cents." The camera pans over to Mike and Ed, but not before passing by Kenny dressed up as a bowling shoe, trying to hawk shoes. Mike starts up a ten-dollar bet, but Ed says that he's not in the mood. Mike promises that it's a good one, and that it's "conceptual." Ed can't resist and tells Mike to go. Mike says, "Ten buck if you give me ten bucks." They exchange ten-dollar bills. Mike looks really pleased with himself. Ed thinks for a minute and then says, "Ten bucks if you give me twenty bucks." Mike looks confused, while Ed grins.

The gang is eating breakfast at the coffee shop. Molly says that she barely knew Pollak, but that she already misses him. Carol tries to comfort her by saying that it can't take that long to do everything. Nancy points out that Jeff the Calculus Teacher has just entered. Mike reminds the viewers that he's the guy Molly had a crush on. Nancy asks how he knew about that, and Mike deadpans, "I pick things up, sister." I don't know. Mike just cracks me up with the deadpan. Carol tells Molly to go ask him out, and Molly agrees. Carol looks a little stunned at how easy that was. Molly walks up to Jeff (and her boot heels echo on the floor) and greets him. Jeff is so Steve from Sex and the City that I'm having a hard time buying him in this character. And even if I can forget Steve, he's so the creepy copycat sniper from Homicide. Sorry. Those are my issues. Anyway, Molly asks whether he wants to go out sometime, and Jeff thinks that would be great. Molly gives him her number, which is not really asking him out, is it? Jeff grins like an idiot, but Molly doesn't look that happy that her crush just agreed to go out with her. Nancy and Carol hoot with joy. Molly starts to say something, but then looks outside, and says, "Oh my God! Look!"

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