Live Deliberately

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Live Deliberately

The gang rushes outside into the snow to find Pollak riding down the street on a horse. Pollak says that he realized that he's never ridden off into the sunset before. Ed adds that he's sure there's a sunset out there somewhere. Pollak tips his cowboy hat to Molly and rides off.

Ed's alarm clock goes off at 5 AM. He gets out of bed and drives to Mt. Precipice as Neil Young's "Long May You Run" plays on the soundtrack. Aw. This guy I knew in college used to sit on top of his hippie van that had been painted by all his friends and play guitar and sing this song, and dedicate it to his van. He loved that van. I'm all nostalgic like Ed over here. Anyway, speaking of Ed, he runs up the mountain with a backpack on. He reaches the top of the mountain with much huffing and puffing, and enjoys the view. He checks his watch, and starts to look disappointed, but then notices the view again, and smiles. He sits on a rock and pulls some water out of his backpack. Then, he pulls out Pollak's book, before hearing someone yell, "Ed, my good man!" It's Warren, wearing long underwear under a flannel shirt. Warren scampers out of a tent and up the hill to where Ed is sitting. Ed reveals that he was thirty-seven minutes slower than his old time. Warren quotes some more Walden, and I hope after this episode that I never have to hear it again. I'm sorry if you like Thoreau, but you can always go read the book again, I guess. ["But why would you, when you need to use that time to Live Deliberately! Whatever." -- Wing Chun] They enjoy the view. Warren offers Ed a Lifesaver. Just then, Donna comes out of the tent and tells Warren that breakfast is ready. Woo, Warren! You go, dawg! She's all cute in a stocking cap and sweater. Warren hands Ed his copy of Walden and says, "Trust me, Ed. Simplify. Simplify." Warren joins Donna and invites Ed for breakfast, but Ed declines. Ed looks at the two books in his hand, saying out loud, "Simplify. Simplify. Do everything." What will Ed do? I don't see why the two philosophies are necessarily opposite -- it's not like Pollak said, "Buy everything." But maybe that's just me.

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