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Live Deliberately

At the corner of Main and Walnut, a crowd has gathered to watch a man climb down the side of a building. It's -- no surprise -- Pollak. He's gotten rid of the comb-over, so you know he's footloose and fancy-free. As Pollak reaches the ground, Ed runs over to find out what's going on. Some cops are waiting for Pollak too, and say that it's a good thing Ed is a lawyer, because Pollak needs one. Ed asks why Pollak was scaling the building, and Pollak says that he'd never done it before. Pollak adds that he's done wasting his life. Ed asks how he got up there, and Pollak says that he jumped up, grabbed the flagpole, and pulled himself up. The flagpole is fairly high off the ground, and Ed has a hard time believing the squatty Pollak reached it. Mike walks up and asks how Pollak got out of the hospital. Pollak walked out. The police arrest him for "disturbing the peace and reckless endangerment." Pollak is really, really psyched about getting arrested as the cops lead him away. Mike wonders if Pollak's okay, and Ed says that he seems like a different guy. Mike thinks he's suffering from "post-traumatic stress disorder," and that it's common with near-death experiences, so maybe they should get him to a psychiatrist. As Mike walks away, Ed tries to jump up and grab the flagpole, but he doesn't even come close. He's got the ups of, well, me. Mike wants to know what Ed's doing, and Ed says that Pollak is in his mid-forties, and he can grab the flagpole. Ed's thirty-two, and he can't. Mike looks at Ed like he's crazy as Ed keeps trying. Mike tells Ed that he's "one embarrassing human being," and walks off. I'll tell you what's embarrassing -- Ed's baby blue ski parka.

In Carol's classroom, Warren sits and reads while the other members of his group wander in. They all look at him, and finally Mark hits his desk to get Warren's attention. Warren looks up distractedly and asks if the others read any of it. Jessica says that it was "kind of interesting." Donna thought it was "incredible," but Mark is "so not into this." Warren says that he read -- "I mean, re-read" -- the first three chapters last night. Then he gives a Keanu-like, "Whoa!" Warren is amazed that the guy picked up and moved to the woods for so long. Mark is unimpressed, saying that he needs "at least a C minus on this project to pass English." Warren is all, "Forget about grade," because the book is about life, and then delivers an anti-consumer rant about giving up the stuff. Donna nods as if she agrees, while Mark and Jessica just look kind of confused. Donna interrupts to read the inscription. Warren grins, and so does Donna. They are having a real meeting of the minds. Warren thinks that the answer is, "Get out of the rat race! Simplify! This is just a big wake-up call!" Warren notices that Jessica is kind of staring at him, so he downgrades his enthusiasm to, "Whatever. I only read the first few chapters. The rest might suck." I think we can all see where this is going.

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