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Live Deliberately

Mike walks into Ed's office, asking why Ed told him to come over. Ed holds up a notebook that says, "The Life & Times of Edward J. Stevens" and then has some date in 1986 that I couldn't read. They are missing out on such a book tie-in opportunity here. I would totally a buy a fictionalized version of Ed's teenage diary. It would be like The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, except probably with less sex and molestation. I hope. Anyway, Ed tells Mike that it's his journal. There's some back-and-forth over whether it's a journal or a diary. Anyway, Ed was going through his journal and found the current week, but when he was eighteen, and thinks he can "still do all that stuff." Mike begs to differ. Ed will prove it by doing everything he did at eighteen, this week. Mike tells him, "Medically speaking, you have a brain the size of a marble." Ed's not listening, thinking that these actions will make him "eighteen, again." Wasn't that a movie starring George Burns?

Carol walks out of the school. Molly, behind her, calls out, "Hellloooooo!" Carol asks if that was supposed to be a greeting, and Molly asks why she should say the word normally when she can stretch it all out like that and have fun with it. I totally agree. But she still needs to get her bangs trimmed. Carol asks if Molly has "gotten into the rum cake again." "Again"? Molly makes Carol ask who guessed her out to dinner. Carol's all excited, and guesses, "Jeff Alexander!" Molly replies that it was actually Pollak. Carol is kind of stunned and not sure why she should be happy about this. Molly seems as shocked about it as Carol, who finally recovers and congratulates Molly on finally getting a date. Hey, I've been the "less-pretty-but-with-a-great-personality best friend" in real life -- I know how Molly feels. Carol extols Pollak's many virtues as she and Molly walk off. Warren swoops down on them, breathless. He reads Carol a passage from Walden, like, enough with the book already, Warren! Molly and Carol agree that Thoreau was cool. Warren starts blabbing about "making genuine ho-cakes," when no one would do that because that's what convenience stores are for. Molly and Carol bid Warren goodbye and he excitedly runs off.

Ed sits at the pie shop in front of a wall full of pictures, which is labeled "Two Pie Club." Carol asks why Ed has to eat two pies, and Mike expositions about Ed and the journal and being eighteen. Ed says that on this date the year he was eighteen, he became a member of the "Two Pie Club." Ed looks for his picture on the wall and pretends not to be able to find it, until Mike can't take it anymore and points it out. Hee! It's a funny picture. Ed suggests that they look for Mike's picture, but Mike tells him that they both know he's not up there, because he couldn't eat two pies. The girls laugh at Mike's tiny, tiny stomach.

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