Live Deliberately

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Live Deliberately

Ed walks through the cheering crowd that has gathered to find -- wait for it -- Pollak bowling naked. The ball return (hee!) conveniently covers up his naughty bits. Pollak rolls one down the lane while the crowd cheers, and Ed grins.

Ed confers with a now-berobed Pollak in his office. Ed tells him that he "can't bowl naked." Pollak wants to know why not, but before Ed can answer, Pollak presents him with a booklet he wrote himself called Do Everything!. Ed points out that if Pollak gets arrested again for disturbing the peace, he'll go to jail. Pollak thinks that the peace needs to be disturbed, and says that he wants to make waves. Pollak chews the scenery some more, and throws off his robe. Ed winces.

In the school hallway, Warren approaches Jessica, who says she thinks that Walden is pretty cool. Warren tells Jessica that he's going to "take to the woods," and he wants her to come with him. Jessica doesn't get it. Dude, look at her. This girl clearly spends many, many hours on her eye makeup alone. She is so not going to the woods. Warren lays out his plan for her, but Jessica passes, because she doesn't think her parents would go for it. Warren suggests she tell them that it's for school, and she walks off, saying she'll think about it. Donna (the plain girl in the group) walks up behind Warren and asks him if "Jessica Martell is what Henry David had in mind when he said, 'Simplify'?" Warren watches Donna walk off. I think he just had an impure thought, but I can't be sure.

Carol walks into the bowling alley, looking for Ed. She calls his name a few times and then finds him passed out on one of the lanes. Good thing there wasn't a fire nearby, or he would have pulled a Michael. Carol wants to call Mike, but Ed says that he's okay. He was trying to bowl fifty games without sleeping. Carol asks why, and Ed gestures to the journal. He reminds her of the Charity Bowl-A-Thon their senior year. Carol is starting to worry about him, and points out that most people go through a mid-life crisis, and he's going through a "one-third-life crisis." Ed says that he's not eighteen anymore, and Carol grabs his shoulder sympathetically. Ah, Ed. None of us are.

Pollak walks into school and gives Molly a bouquet of flowers. Don't they have any security at this school? He's allowed to roam the halls freely? Molly asks what he's doing here, and Pollak says that he had a great time the other night. Molly says that it was the best date she's ever had. Pollak announces that he's leaving town, because there's so much for him to do out there. Molly is shocked, because she thought that Pollak was going to ask her out again. Pollak says that he'd like to, but that he needs to "get out there and start doing everything." Molly asks him to drop her a postcard once in a while. Pollak doesn't think that kissing her goodbye in front of the students is a good idea, but he does it anyway. What the hell? They've already seen Carol serenaded by a knight in armor. What's a little kiss? Some cops show up to arrest Pollak for disturbing the peace. Pollak goes willingly, and Molly offers to call Ed for him. Molly sadly looks down at her flowers.

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