Losing Streak

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There's No Need To Argue, Parents Just Don't Understand

After the game, everyone heads over to Stuckey Bowl for the after-game party. Ed pulls his dad aside and asks to talk to him. He thanks Dad for trying to help Ed out and understands his reasoning. Dad tells him never to be afraid to take risks. Ed tells Dad that returning to Stuckeyville was his risk, and that staying in New York would have been the safe thing to do. Dad asks if Ed could at least get separate entrances for the law office. Ed stands firm and says, "No," then tells him to look on the bright side: for the rest of Dad's life, he'll have free bowling.

The camera pulls back and focuses on the sign above. The "T" is safely in its place. However, the "E" in Stuckey has been moved so that the sign reads "Stucky Bowel."

I've got to say...this was one of the weakest episodes yet. Too little Phil...too much parents. That's my opinion. I wouldn't try to scam a cup of coffee with it if I were you, though.

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