Losing Streak

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There's No Need To Argue, Parents Just Don't Understand

Molly and Carol run into Agnes Buchner, an old friend of Molly's from high school. Agnes is warm toward Molly -- not so much toward Carol. Agnes tells Molly that she looks the same which Molly responds "Minus the Psychedelic Furs t-shirts." Molly introduces Carol to Agnes and reminds her that they were all classmates. Carol tries to talk to Agnes and hits an icy brick wall, with Agnes clearly snubbing her. Agnes bids them both farewell and Molly says, "See ya, Aggie!" Carol chimes in with an ultra-clumsy "See ya, Aggie...nes."

Back at the bowling alley, Ed is taking down the Pro Shop/Lawyer sign down from outside his office. Phil walks up and watches him. Ed asks Phil what he needs and Phil admits he just likes watching Ed work...it's "poetry in motion." Phil asks, "So what's the story? Are the feds finally busting this little dog and pony show?" Ed explains that his parents are visiting and he wanted them to think he was taking this seriously. He then asks Phil for a favor. "Do you want me to hide all the bowling balls?" Phil asks. "I need you to..." Ed starts, and we can tell he's really trying to choose his words carefully here "...try to be a little less...Phil." Ed tries to explain himself, but Phil interupts him. "I read you loud and clear, Señor. Don't worry your pretty little head," he says. Phil leaves to stash the signs away as Ed's parents walk in. Ed welcomes them to his new office; Mom says that she didn't realize his offices were in a bowling alley. Ed corrects her by telling her that the law office is adjacent to the bowling alley -- not in the bowling alley. Dad steps in the office for a second, turns around and says, "I'm still in a bowling alley." There's very little wool to be pulled over Pop's eyes. Ed tries to gloss it over, when his Mom asks whether his clients have to change their shoes before they come in his office. Ed says they don't. I look for a trickle of blood to come out of Ed's mouth where he's been biting his tongue, but there is none visible.

In a café, Molly, Carol, and Nancy are eating lunch. Carol's upset that Agnes blew her off earlier. Nancy says it's kind of ironic that sweet head cheerleader Carol is worried about what nerdy little Agnes thought of her. Molly points out that Carol never went out of her way to be nice to any of them in high school. Carol, a master debater if I ever saw one, counters, "I didn't know you guys." Wow. In your face, gals. Molly and Nancy try to smooth it out, saying that Agnes never got to know Carol the way Molly and Nancy have. Carol wants to know what that means, and Molly changes the subject: "You've got to try some of this Shepherd's Pie. It's shepherdlicious."

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