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You've Gotta Fight For Your Right To Bonnie

Musical montage time. Ed and Bonnie are lifting a table onto a moving van. Nancy gives Carol a drink at her book club meeting, and Carol and Nancy walk away, leaving Jeff and Molly alone to talk and flirt. The Solids are playing their gig with Carrie looking terrified as she sings lead for the brother of the marketing guy at the record company who looks less than enthused about the band. Ed and Bonnie share a deep kiss after she's all loaded up, and the camera zooms in on Bonnie as she gives us a look that says, "Am I doing the right thing?" My heart melts even more for this woman. Phil is mopping at the bowling alley, then starts dancing with his mop as if he were Fred Astaire and his mop was a mop. Meanwhile, Kenny and Shirley are watching him act like an idiot on the security cam and sharing a giggle. And as Bonnie pulls away on the cold winter's day, Ed's left standing on the sidewalk with his hand raised in a silent wave and a few tears in his eyes as the show ends.

Dammit. I finally cozied up to Bonnie and she's gone. I finally turned my back on Phil and he redeems himself. I finally think Ed's being a horse's ass, and it turns out he was just hurt.

This was a great episode. Damned good episode. I had a feeling that once Bonnie was gone the show might pick up again and it has. That's not to say that I think Bonnie will remain gone. Please. Bonnie Hane will be back. I know she'll be back.

...I hope she'll be back.

Keee-rist I'm such a sap for a good romance.

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