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Friends Don't Let Friends Scam On Their Potential Boyfriends

Molly and Carol are left outside by themselves, and they bury the hatchet, apologizing like they just hit each other's cars in traffic. Carol wants Molly to know that she never thought of her as a charity case, and Molly says that sometimes it's tough to be the funny friend with the great personality, which makes me think, "Geez Molls...somebody sure does think highly of their personality, huh?" Carol reminds Molly that, just like in the movies, Molly's the funny friend with the great personality who ends up getting the best man...just like I pegged her from the absolute very beginning of this show, thankyewverymuch.

The musical montage starts (Randy Newman's "Falling In Love") with lots of wacky highjinks going on during their bowling party. Nothing of importance to mention here.

Outside, Ed and Carol are on the roof, celebrating by themselves. Ed asks Carol whether she thinks he's silly, and she says, "No more than usual." Ed feels good that the bowling alley will be standing forever. Carol asks Ed whether he really thinks that they will be hooking up at the alley in fifty years. Ed asks what she thinks. Mike comes running out and tells them to come see this: Kenny's about to stop a bowling ball with his head. Ed laughs and says that's something you don't see every day. He asks Carol whether she wants to go down, and she says, "Let's just stay up here for a minute." Then the camera slowly pulls back and it's obvious that they're going to be staying up there for more than a minute, because it's July before the shot fades to black.

I dunno. Last week's episode was one of the worst yet. This one was slightly better, but not by much. Lots of Phil, which always makes me a happy Uncle. But the court case was horrible and not plausible at all, the landmark status subplot was boring, there was no Warren to speak of, the whole thing between Molly and Carol was ignorant because I know Molly knew about Jeff and Carol before tonight, and...and...and...I didn't laugh out loud once, except during that uncomfortable "Live Surprise" where the boat guy caught shit from his wife on live television.

Two more episodes left. Here's to hoping they've saved the best for last.

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