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Friends Don't Let Friends Scam On Their Potential Boyfriends

After the meeting, Ed and Carol are walking out of the meeting when Carol asks what's next. Ed says he just has to prove that Stuckey Bowl has architectural or historical significance. Carol asks how he plans to do that, and he admits that he has no idea.

At the cocktail party, Molly tells Jeff that she just overheard some stuffy MENSA guy proclaiming his love for HBO's G-String Divas (Which, coincidentally, was Uncle Bob's first pick for MBTV recapping...not Ed. I guess we all see how well that went over. ["I told you, I'll think about it!" -- Wing Chun]) Jeff says that you can still be a genius and love G-String Divas -- which, once again, was my reasoning to the MBTV bigwigs when I argued that the show should be faithfully recapped here. ["If you show your devotion to the show by sending me a photo of yourself in a G-string, I just might be convinced." -- Wing Chun] Molly's quickly losing interest in Mr. Boring, and notices Phil sitting on a couch in a velvet smoking jacket and pipe, chatting up some beautiful and intelligent babe. "What's he doing here?" Molly chokes. "You know Dr. Setulla?" Jeff asks, motioning toward Phil, who's lifted his index finger to his lips to let Molly know not to say anything about him. Molly tells Jeff Carol's MENSA joke, and he says he already knew it. Jeff then tells Molly that she's lucky to have such an amazing friend in Carol, and that Carol had Molly pegged. Molly's perplexed and wants to know what he's talking about. Jeff tells her that he went out with Carol first, and Molly says she didn't know anything about that. He says that Carol told him to ask Molly out rather than go out with her for a second time. Now he's glad that he did ask Molly out. Molly acts pissed but refrains from any physical violence.

Excuse me. Wait just one damned minute here. Molly knew all about Jeff and Carol going out. In the episode in which it took place, Molly was hurt and upset when Jeff asked her out in front of Molly. I'm also pretty sure that Molly was informed on what had happened during the date, but did not know about Carol telling Jeff to ask Molly out. This isn't just a blooper on the show...this is a full-fledged oversight on the part of every single person who works on the show. If I need to be corrected here, lemme know...but I've watched every episode of this show with meticulous detail. I think I'd know these things. ["Nope, you're absolutely right. There's a scene where she's hurt, and a scene where Carol gives her a recap of the date and says that she's not pursuing Jeff herself. Stupid producers!" -- Wing Chun]

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