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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, Catch A Prom Date By The Toe

Commercials. Nothing of significance here.

Dr. Jerome is shown on the phone, presumably either talking to his wife or his gay live-in lover, Chachi McGouligan. Ahhh...it's his wife. I just like typing the name "Chachi McGouligan" any chance I can get. Mike walks in and tells Jerome that he's won the Tri-State Doctor of the Year award. Jerome is livid. He asks Mike, "Did you have anything to do with this, you putty-brained goat?" Jerome finds the ceremony that accompanies the award "tacky and unprofessional" and refuses to participate in it. Mike says he'll call the proper people and tell them that Jerome doesn't want the award. Jerome says not to do that, because it will just piss off the other doctors and he'll look like an ass. Jerome instructs Mike to sit down and start taking notes. He wants no singers, dancers, or publicity photos for the local newspaper. He wants to approve the guest list and the menu and all entertainment. He notices Mike's not taking any notes, and asks him, "You do have opposable thumbs, don't you?" Mike just sighs.

The three stooges are walking down the school hallway with Gavin, chattering on and on about "Up, up, down, L1, L1, up, down, up, up, L2, down...and then you get the Magic Ring." I've got a friend like that, in his mid-thirties, who LIVES for PlayStation and all that hidden crap in the games. We call him "Shitski McLoser" behind his back. Well...not really. It's just another fake name I wanted to squeeze into the recap. Jessica walks up, and Warren almost pukes from nervousness. He tells Jessica he likes her sweater -- the one tied around her waist, that is. He asks "How's beans?" and then quickly changes that to "How's tricks?" Jessica tells Warren that Tim broke up with her, and Warren says that sucks. Jessica can't believe he broke up with her right before the prom. Warren tells her to "keep on keeping on," like he's the lyricist for REO Speedwagon all of a sudden. Jessica walks away and Dr. Love, a.k.a. Winnebago Boy, informs Warren that he's an idiot because Jessica clearly wants Warren to ask her out. Warren reiterates that girls like Jessica don't go out with guys like Warren, because she likes men with testicles and Warren clearly has no balls. Mark tells Gavin to knock some sense into the manook and Gavin, fearing for his life with visions of Winnebago Boy sitting on him if he dares to defy the Large One, lightly smacks Warren on the back of the head and says, "Mark is right." Warren asks Mark what does "manook" mean, and Mark says he heard it on The Sopranos.

On the golf course, the actual winner of the Stuckeyville Open, Gus McGraw, is golfing. Ed walks up and announces himself as Jerry Foley's attorney. Gus says Jerry doesn't need an attorney, he needs golf lessons. Ed asks Gus if he'll give Jerry another chance to sink the putt again, and if he gets it, would Gus forfeit the winning of the Open to Jerry. Gus thinks about it and tells Ed "sure"...he'll meet Jerry there at the golf course the next day, and they can replay the last shot and whoever does better wins the Stuckeyville Open. Ed's all jazzed that his plan worked, but then Gus tells Ed that there's one thing that he needs first. Ed asks what, and Gus says that there was a golf tournament a few years back and a caddy dropped his bag, which broke Gus's concentration, causing him to lose the tournament. Gus wants to take that shot over again. Ed thinks "okayyyy" until Gus brings up yet ANOTHER tournament that he lost when a plane flew overhead...Gus wants to take that shot over again too. Then there was the tournament where...Ed says he gets the picture and walks away. Gus just chuckles to himself over Ed's ignorance. Like I stated earlier, I know nothing about golf, but it didn't seem to me like Gus was asking for anything too out of the question.

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