Nice Guys Finish Last

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Nice Guys Finish Last

Back at Barry's office, Barry notes that Mr. Ryan, the lead counsel guy, is late. Ed points out that Mr. Ryan always calls Barry "Barry," but Barry always calls him "Mr. Ryan." Barry promises to correct this and call Ryan "Sir Shittyhead of Shitalot," which, okay, Barry doesn't really, but if he had, man...my gut would still be busting over that one! Heh! Heh heh! Heh. Whatever. Ed's going over the last-minute instructions: use as few words as possible, and tell Ryan that the "Sunday Only" rule is unacceptable. Mr. Ryan shows up and says that he has good news: B&B Trucking has agreed not to clog up the streets of Stuckeyville on Sunday mornings. Barry says that won't work anymore. It's unacceptable. Mr. Ryan is taken aback, and tells Barry that he's throwing curve balls now. Barry stares Ryan dead in the eye and says, "It's unacceptable...Gus." Gus gets pissed, says he's outta there, and storms out of the office. Barry jumps up to run after him, and finds Gus standing in the hallway on his cell phone, saying, "Really? That's fantastic news!" He hangs up the cell phone and tells Barry that they found some extra savings at the company and now can offer Stuckeyville the entire weekend truck-free. Gus is going back to the home office and will have the paperwork delivered to Barry the next day. Barry is ecstatic and asks Ed if he noticed how Gus folded like a cheap card table. Barry even thinks that the cell phone call was fake. Gee, Barry, you think so? What gave it away -- the fact that two seconds after he left your office, he was mid-conversation with somebody? This Barry Gleep is about as worthless as every single boss's son in the world. And toss in "godson" there as well -- I'm feeling extra ruthless this morning. Ed tells Barry that he's not going to be taking that deal, and that Ed will see Barry the next day. Barry freaks out and chases Ed into the truck-congested streets of Stuckeyville. Barry's screaming that he's going to take the deal. Ed tells him no they're not. Barry says that they could lose the case and then there'd be trucks in Stuckeyville 24-7. Ed says that they could win, and then there wouldn't be any trucks at all, ever. Ed says the key is that they hope they don't have to take it all the way to court. Ed says that if Barry takes the deal, he'll go to Amy and have Barry removed from the case. Barry says he knows Ed, and that Ed wouldn't do that; he repeats that he's taking the deal. Ed asks for Barry's lunch money and Barry just gives Ed a blank check as Ed walks away into heavy traffic.

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