Pretty Girls And Waffles

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A Waffle Upside The Head Means I Love You

Back at the school auditorium, Molly's ugly duckling is being assisted by Molly's old buddies, the All-Male Singing and Dancing Troupe. These guys are all in their tuxes, singing and dancing like they were channelling the spirit of Ethel Merman, which only makes the ugly duckling reach new heights that were previously unattainable. She belts out "There's No Business Like Show Business" like a real trouper. When the song's over, Bob and Molly turn to the shop teacher. The shop teacher shrugs and says, "Go with the pretty broad."

Back at Carol's house, Ed is opening up all the ingredients for an ice cream sundae from hell, to help Carol over this breakup with Nick. Ed is pumping up his reputation as being the Ice Cream Sundae King while he prepares the sundaes. He asks Carol how many scoops she would like...one or two? Carol starts to cry and Ed says, "Let's start with two."

The credits roll, I finish off the Robitussin and crawl to the computer once again.

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