Pretty Girls And Waffles

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A Waffle Upside The Head Means I Love You

After a batch of lame commercials, we see Molly banging on the bowling-alley door early one morning. She has coffee and doughnuts with her, so she's feeling pretty good about herself today, weight problem be damned!! She wakes Ed up and insists that he spent the night with Sela and that's why he was asleep at the office desk. Ed says he wasn't, giving Molly that faint glimmer of hope that he's holding out for her gargantuan ass. Molly begins bitching about her new faux beau Bob and then men in general and their infatuation with judging people by their looks. Ed asks if Molly could explain one more time why she took on this job to cast the school play, insinuating it was because she wanted to get close to the hot new teacher and his hot new face. Molly realizes the error of her ways and promptly begins pouring hot coffee on her own love handles as retribution. Well...not really. But wouldn't it have been cool if she did?

We go next to a courtroom where Sela is being grilled by Dick Knight's attorney with nothing of importance to mention. The attorney walks back to her table and tells Ed to "bowl away." Ed lets out the longest, most sarcastic laugh I think I've ever heard on network television. He then compares Sela's weekly $95 error to a $10 million lottery that someone might win, only to have the lottery people come back a month later and say, "You didn't win the lottery after all. Give us our money back." This marks the first time Ed has gotten up in front of a courtroom and generally made an ass of himself with an abnormally lame comparison.

In Dr. Jerome's office, Mike is defending himself to Dr. Jerome and saying that this "observing" that Dr. Jerome has been doing is insulting and humiliating. Dr. Jerome then LAYS INTO HIM, yelling and screaming and calling Mike a "fat-headed lummox." He then informs Mike that Mike is going to have to examine Dr. Jerome himself so that Dr. Jerome can determine if Mike is fit to inherit the practice someday.

Ed shows up at the tryouts for the school play to give Molly friendly support. The first girl, Kelly, comes out and sings beautifully. Ed mentions that Kelly is very pretty, which almost sends Molly off the deep end. Molly's pick for the female lead comes out and begins singing a horrible rendition of "There's No Business Like Show Business," which finds Ed grimacing. Since Bob and Molly can't make a decision about the girls, they decide to adjourn until Friday when they will be able to have the shop teacher come in to help make the final decision.

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